October 21, 2016

You may wonder if Japanese workers have such time especially during lunch time but there are many in Marunouch area where my store is located.
Hi-Fi Do Marunouchi Shop
Shiho Horikawa
October 21, 2016

Today's theme is NS-1000M, whose successor is now audiophile's favorite topic like the samurai drama is to Japanese people.
Hi-Fi Do Repair Department Kyoto
Yuji Yagi
October 14, 2016

Today's theme is "Kurashi No Techo" magazine (meaning "pocket book of life") that I found very interesting while watching NHK's soap opera "Toto Neechan" more than the show itself.
Hi-Fi Do Kyoto Repair Department
Takashi Park
October 7, 2016

On August 25th, in the heat that we I wanted to blame everything on, Van Gelder passed away at the age of 91.
Hi-Fi Do Record Shop
Kaneto Kataoka

September 30, 2016

The term "Seichi Junrei" reminded me of this one thing.
Hi-Fi Do Kyoto Repair Department
Hironobu Takimoto
September 23, 2016

I will turnover speakers to find secrets that affect sound qualities even the parts are left unseen usually.
Hi-Fi Do Fukuoka shop
Yuu Furukawa
September 23, 2016

I will focus on the 15 ohm era this time.
Hi-Fi Do Repair Department Kyoto
Yuji Yagi

September 16, 2016

Today's theme is "biomorphic speakers".
Hi-Fi Do Kyoto Repair Department
Takashi Park
September 9, 2016

Do you like beautiful ladies?
I like them very much, especially those with beautiful voices.
Hi-Fi Do Record Shop
Minako Hotta

September 2, 2016

It was a pair of JBL L101 Lancer. We were going through sound check.
Hi-Fi Do Repair Department Kyoto
Takimoto Hironobu

August 26, 2016

Let me introduce my beloved speakers, Yamaha NS-10M.
Hi-Fi Do Repair Department Kyoto
Yuji Yagi
August 19, 2016

I decided to focus on pianos and figure out the best set-up in Ohsu.
Ohsu shop
Tetsuharu Oikawa

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