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Ask 21-30557-02894-00
Manufacture:SUN AUDIO
Original price: JPY 274,000
Price: JPY 134,545
Arrival: 2021-02-25 20:07:35
Maintened! Non-feedback single-power amplifier using 2A3. It expresses the lingering and delicacy of the sound unique to 2A3. It expresses vocals and strings in a sweet and glossy manner. 1 unit that is also solid building at an affordable price. There are appearance, line scratches and Rubbed etc. Serial 10N0871S (Eiji Tamura) Maintenance Information: 2021.2.25 Maintenance (contact part cleaning due to poor contact of output tube socket. No vacuum tube replacement (noise caused by thermal expansion in the vacuum tube) due to the small noise generated only when power-on. Prevent deformation by preparing a volume bracket to prevent volume deformation. Vacuum tube socket contact cleaning treatment, input volume mounting method was fixed to the chassis panel using a 2mm thick aluminum bracket. The ground wiring is changed in 5 places and additional treatment of a power supply smoothing circuit electrolytic capacitor, resulting in a significantly improved residual noise of 0.7 mV and improved sound quality. Measured value at operation check and residual noise: 0.7 mV (LR), no distortion maximum output: 4.5W/8Ω (measured at 5% strain), damping factor DF: 2.3. Input sensitivity: 134mV (measured) Output bandwidth: 15Hz to 54kHz (measured at 1W/8Ω) Aging test OK) Accessories: Power cable Main Specifications: Rated output 4.5W +4.5W, used vacuum tube 6SN7GT × 2, 2A3 × 2, 5U4G × 1 W360 × D210 × H190mm 16kg


Ask 20-29774-40599-00
Original price: JPY 36,500
Price: JPY 72,545
Arrival: 2021-02-24 20:04:02
Vacuum Tube Stereo Power Amplifier Bright and fresh sound like DYNACO. The middle range is thick and has a sense of temperature and sounds more powerful than I thought. It is an amplifier that you want to sound together with JBL and Altec etc. Appearance has aging corrosion and dullness (Kimiya Miura) Maintenance Information: 2021.2.24 Maintenance (ACON ~ Check, Small distortion output, tube, socket replacement. Interstage coupling C exchange, rubber foot mounting) Accessories: No accessories Main Specifications: Tubular Stereo Power Amplifier Output Continuous 17.5W+17.5W Peak Output 40W+40W Frequency Characteristics 10Hz to 40kHz Damping Factor 10 (20Hz to 20kHz) Used Vacuum Tubes 7247 ✕ 2 6BQ5 ✕ 4 Silicone Diodes ✕ 2 Pieces Size W330 ✕ H110 ✕ D160mm Weight 6.4kg


Ask 21-30723-04110-00
Original price: JPY 79,800
Price: JPY 63,455
Japan 2005 made
Arrival: 2021-02-24 20:02:45
※ 6 months warranty. ELEKIT 300B Single Stereo Power Amplifier Kit It is a limited model upgraded based on TU-873 and TU-8730. Orient material with excellent magnetic saturation characteristics is used for the output transformer. AC codes are extremely thick, and can also be exchanged to your favorite AC code by adopting AC inlet. (Takasaki Takasaki) Maintenance Information: 2021.2.24 Operation confirmed Accessories: Description, Power cord Main specifications: Used vacuum tube 300B × 2, 6SN7GT × 2 output impedance 8Ω, 4-6.3Ω Frequency characteristic 10Hz to 70,000 Hz Input terminal, SOURCE × 2, TAPE (MD) × 1 ( RCA jack) Size W220 × H195 × D425mm (including protrusions) Weight approx. 10.1kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-30526-02706-00
Price: JPY 725,455 Sold Out
U.S.A 1962 made
Arrival: 2021-02-21 20:17:59
Maintened! ※ Hood shortage, it is inexpensive because there is distortion in the chassis (it is left shoulder up as seen from the front side). The highest peak of the tube amplifier, the original MC275 is in stock. A historical inscription that enriches music with a velvety luster and a strong tone with a thick tone. Not a resolution or range, but a lively, energetic sound is exactly the macintosh sound itself. Appearance has corrosion and scratches due to kusumi and oxidation (Sasaki Shota) Maintenance information: 2021.2.21 Maintenance (12AX7 vacuum tubes and other missing 11 pieces, 4 block capacitors 100/30 μF defective replacements, selenium degradation → diodes added, thermistors Replacement to the original · SP terminal breakage replacement 2 pieces · Vacuum tube shield case shortage added · Oil capacitor 0.22μF other degradation exchange 6 pieces · Gang error measures → added resistance 1/2W · Vacuum tube socket and RCA Jack caulking repair* Other operation checked (measured at 66-91W SP: 8Ω at rated output AC100-117V)) Accessories: None Main specifications: 75W+75W (stereo time) 150W (mono time) used vacuum tube/12BH7 × 2, 12AX7 × 1, KT88 × 4, 12AU7 × 2, 12AZ7 × 2 Frequency band 16Hz to 60kHz Input Sensitivity 0.5V Input Impedance 250kΩ Dimensions W311 × H203 × D438mm Weight 30.4 kg


Ask 20-30156-43100-00
Original price: JPY 62,000
Price: JPY 143,636
Japan 1969 made
Arrival: 2021-01-02 19:56:27


Ask 20-29502-39680-00
Price: JPY 45,455
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2020-11-15 20:16:28
Price: JPY 59,091
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2020-11-15 20:16:27


Ask 16-02918-69341-00
Original price: JPY 79,800
Price: JPY 152,727
Japan 1969 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2020-11-08 20:03:24


Ask 20-11424-32713-00
Original price: JPY 79,800
Price: JPY 143,636
Japan 1972 made
Arrival: 2020-08-15 18:26:20


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Manufacture:Western Electric
Price: JPY 86,182
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2020-07-29 20:41:53


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Original price: JPY 42,100
Price: JPY 152,727
Japan 1972 made
Arrival: 2019-06-15 20:13:43
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