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Ask 21-31482-09256-00
Original price: JPY 37,000
Price: JPY 13,636
Japan 2013 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-05-06 20:04:36
Cost-effective SACD player Equipped with a front USB terminal, MP3/WMA sound source files can also be played. The clear and clear sound quality allows you to relax and enjoy your music. Paint peeling on the top plate, there are other abrasions. (Yukishi Fujisawa) Maintenance Information: 2021.5.6 Operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control, instruction manual, power cord Main Specifications: CD/SACD compatible USB terminal mounted W435 × H128 × D329mm 5.2kg


Ask 21-31468-09177-00
Original price: JPY 660,000
Price: JPY 343,636
U.S.A 2008 made
Arrival: 2021-05-06 19:57:52
SACD/CD player specialized for 2ch playback. It is equipped with a newly developed SACD/CD mechanism that covers the entire surface by die-cast to completely eliminate vibration and resonance. The sound is clear, with a lot of information, and the elongation of the glossy high range is impressive. The appearance has some small scratches, but it is generally good. Serial YM4430 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance Information: 2021.5.6 Operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control instruction manual Power cord source box Main Specifications: SACD/CD support 192kHz/24bit Sampling PCM/DSD Dual Mode D/A Converter W445 × H152 × D403mm 12.8kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-31463-09162-00
Original price: JPY 308,000
Price: JPY 90,727 Sold Out
Arrival: 2021-05-04 19:54:02
It is a combination of CD transport CD3.1 using Philips CDM-9 mechanic and BS2 bitstream DA converter. The sound quality is elongated and sensual, makes you listen to the sound of full expediency. When the number of sounds increases, it becomes somewhat cloudy, but when you listen to solo parts, etc., I feel that it seems to be pulled in quickly. Serial 0797・0741 (Hiroshi Kondo) Maintenance Information: 2021.5.4 Playback operation check Accessories: Power cord Main specifications: Transport part Digital output: Balance, RCA, TOS 1 system Dimensions: W330 × H90 × D302mm Weight: 6.5kg DA converter digital input: RCA, TOS Each one analog output: RCA1 system SN ratio: 90 dB Dimensions: W80 × H90 × D301mm


Ask 21-31407-08761-00
Original price: JPY 250,000
Price: JPY 36,182
Japan 1999 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-05-02 19:42:09


Ask 21-30855-04898-00
Original price: JPY 490,000
Price: JPY 98,182
Japan 1991 made
Arrival: 2021-05-02 19:35:12
Significantly reduced price! 2021/5/2 Selling price 148,000 yen ※ It will be a version up item from X-1. Equipped with the same VRDS mechanism as ESOTERIC P-2 High-class machine with clear sound quality with elongation and depth. The VRDS mechanism eliminates vibration and allows accurate reading of the disk. Appearance, there are scratches and paint peeling. The back and front notations will be X-1. Cereal 40170 (Eiji Tamura) Maintenance Information: 2021.5.2 Maintenance (belt replacement for grease adherence to clamping belt, pulley cleaning) 2021.3.25 Maintenance (linear motor disassembly cleaning.) Optics cleaning RF level 1.2 vpP (reference). Replacement of each loading belt. Tray mechanism partial disassembly cleaning reassembly. Cable breakage fix Cushioned rubber replacement Limit switch contact cleaning Remote control light receiving check Playback behavior. Digital and analog voice check. (Interior and exterior cleaning) Accessories: Remote control, instruction manual Main Specifications: W451 × H137 × D400mm 17kg


Ask 21-31452-09085-00
Original price: JPY 800,000
Price: JPY 380,000
Japan 2010 made
Arrival: 2021-05-02 19:34:25
Disposal price cut (Member discount is not applicable) 2021/5/2 Selling price 498,000 yen original box included. Powered by the evolved VRDS-NEO (VMK-3.5-10). Achieve overwhelming resolution and SNR with a 4-circuit 32-bit monoral DA converter. Sound sources with fine items, of course, play well and powerful sound. There are slight small scratches on the front side of the top plate and on the right side, the upper left of the open SW. 2012 serial 240003 (Takasaki Takasaki) Maintenance Information: 2021.5.2 Operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control, explanation, power cord, source box Main specifications: Renewable disk/Super audio CD, CD (CD-R/CD-RW compatible) Output terminal RCA/XLR each 1 system output impedance RCA/47Ω XLR/100Ω Frequency characteristics 5Hz to 55000Hz S/N ratio 115dB Digital Input RCA Terminal/Optical Digital Terminal/USB-B Terminal Each 1 System Power Consumption 27W W445 × H162 × D438mm 28kg

Integra C-1E ver.2Japan

This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-31434-08950-00
Integra C-1E ver.2
Original price: JPY 180,000
Price: JPY 54,364 Sold Out
Japan 1994 made
Arrival: 2021-05-02 19:34:19
Rare version 2 models in stock. A fresh and lively timbre with no kelen taste. The sophisticated design and high-quality finish without any hand are also outstanding. Magic writing on the remote Cereal 1410010125 (Takasaki Takasaki) Maintenance Information: 2021.5.2 Operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control, stabilizer, copy of the explanation (Integra C-1E) Main Specifications: Output/Analog 2 (Fixed/Variable), Digital 1 (Optical) W435 × H91 × D355mm 7.6kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-31427-08914-00
Original price: JPY 250,000
Price: JPY 116,364 Sold Out
Japan 2002 made
Arrival: 2021-05-01 19:26:52
Significantly reduced price! 2021/5/1 Selling price 148,000 yen CD exclusive model. It is an ESOTERIC sound with high resolution and clear contours, but the extruded feeling of low range that is not found in SACD consoles is attractive. The low-frequency SOLID and massive sound can't be tasted in recent players. Appearance, there are no noticeable scratches. Serial 0020100 (Kimiya Miura) Maintenance Information: 2021.5.1 Operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control, instruction manual, power cable, source box, transport lock plate Main specifications: 20-bit 4DAC 25-bit 8x oversampling digital filter with dimensions W442 x H147 x D344mm Weight 23kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-31303-08092-00
Original price: JPY 350,000
Price: JPY 116,364 Sold Out
Japan 1999 made
Arrival: 2021-04-30 19:32:39
Significantly reduced price! 2021/4/30 Selling price 148,000 yen SACD player with top loading system adopting twin-pickup optics fixing mechanism. High-precision signal processing technologies, including DSD decoders, and high sound quality designs have been taken over from the company's flagship model SCD-1 to provide both thickness and high resolution. Appearance has a scratch, small scratch, and character disappearance. Serial 200535 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.30 Operation confirmed Accessories: remote control, power cord, stabilizer Main specifications: Spa-dio-CD optics fixed mechanical analog input (RCA) × 1 digital output (RCA x 1 ST×1) system W430 × H175 × D455mm 25kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-31429-08927-00
Original price: JPY 1,450,000
Price: JPY 816,364 Sold Out
Japan 2014 made
Arrival: 2021-04-30 19:17:37
Significantly reduced price! 2019/4/30 The flagship machine has been upgraded in all respects from $998,000 K-01. It is a luxurious dual-mono configuration that incorporates the design concept of Grandioso D1 and condense two monoral D/A converters into a single housing. Asahi Kasei AK4495S DAC IC × 4 and New Japan Radio MUSES 02 op amp is used for the key D/A converter. Combined with modern high-end speakers, it creates an unparalleled presence. The appearance is generally beautiful, but there are line scratches on the top plate. Cereal 230006 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.30 Operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control power cable Main specifications: Input terminal: Coaxial digital × 1, Optical digital × 1, USB 2.0 × 1, Word sink input (BNC) x 1 Output: RCA x 1, XLR × 1, Coaxial digital x 1, USB is asynchronous transmission Support DSD 2.8/5.6MHz, PCM 384KHz/32bit W445 x H162 x D438mm Weight 31 kg


Ask 21-30777-04449-00
Price: JPY 63,455
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-04-29 19:42:13
First in stock CD player for musical fidelity. The bulge of the middle range that can not be tasted with the current model and the warm color sound unique to the company is attractive. Appearance has small scratches and dullness (Sasaki Shota) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.29 Maintenance (AC fuse break replacement, check) Accessories: Remote control, explanation, power cable Main Specifications: 100V 24bit/96KHz Delta Sigma Method 8 x Oversampling W440 × H95 × D340mm 5kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-31123-06774-00
Original price: JPY 580,000
Price: JPY 225,455 Sold Out
Japan 1994 made
Arrival: 2021-04-29 19:34:37
Significantly reduced price! 2021/4/29 Maintained at sales price 298,000 yen accu phase! A function that integrates the company's separate model DP-90 and DC-91, and its ability is the highest level of perfection as an integral type. Excellent compatibility with SONY Mecha, you can enjoy the mid-low range with a sense of speed and high elasticity. Appearance, there are scratches and Rubbed. Serial I5Y856 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.29 Manufacturer Maintenance (All switches replaced. Other, opening mechanism oil application belt replacement. Lamp replacement. Lens cleaning Characteristic, operation check, pressure resistant safety OK (Interior and exterior cleaning) Accessories: Remote control, instruction manual, power cord Main specifications: MMB 20-bit DAC8 parallel processing W475×H150 × D390mm 19.3kg


Ask 20-29793-40739-00
Original price: JPY 89,800
Price: JPY 54,364
Japan 1987 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-04-28 19:05:18
Maintened A CD player developed by inheriting the design concept of advanced machines. Equipped with TDA1541 in the DAC, now you can enjoy the middle-low range with a rare straight and punch less habit. Mechanical classic design is also attractive. Kusumi corresponding to the year, there are small scratches (Tetsuji Oikawa) Maintenance information: 2021.3.15 Maintenance (mechanical decomposition slider shaft abrasive cleaning belt exchange optical system disassembly cleaning RF level 1 vPP (reference) degradation grease removal insulator Fix the solder and fix the light reception check with the remote control of other equipment, each output check, the interior and exterior cleaned. Please unlock the transport when using. Do not turn more than 180 degrees. (In fact, if you turn around 90 degrees, it will unlock naturally) Accessories: None Main Specifications: 16-bit Staggard Dual DAC 18-Bit 8X Filter Coaxial/Optical Digital Output Dimensions W430 x H125 x D375mm Weight 12.8kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-31385-08560-00
Original price: JPY 220,000
Price: JPY 63,455 Sold Out
Japan 1999 made
Arrival: 2021-04-25 19:46:20
※ Replacement remote control RC-1020 included. The second generation model of the popular S10 series. Adopts traditional ALPHA processing and the company's own lambda S.L.C. Vivid middle-high range, rich low range and still popular CD-only model. Scratch on the front top and bottom, feeling of use, there is a Kusumi. Serial 8077400506 (Takasaki Takasaki) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.25 Operation confirmed 2015.4.2 Manufacturer maintenance (replacement of pick-up belt lever switch, tray repainting) Accessories: Alternate remote control RC-1020, copy of the explanation, power cord Main Specifications: ALPHA Processor 20-Bit Current Additive DAC with Digital Input/Output W434×H135 × D350mm 14kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-31087-06492-00
Original price: JPY 500,000
Price: JPY 180,000 Sold Out
Japan 1994 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-04-25 19:42:08
Manufacturer Maintenance! Finest model of Denon integrated CD player Relaxed low range makes you feel analog sound quality. The action of putting a stabilizer with a sense of weight with Zushiri is unique to top loading. The appearance has a feeling of use such as dullness. Cereal 6031501855 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance information: 2021.4.25 Operation confirmed (focus lens cleaning, inspection of each part, operation test carried out) Accessories: Remote control instruction manual stabilizer Main specifications: Analog output 2 series digital output 3 digital input 2 series W434×H164.5 × D395mm 20kg
Vivid Premium Black Edition
Original price: JPY 150,000
Price: JPY 86,182
UK 2018 made
Arrival: 2021-04-24 20:00:58
Significantly reduced price! 2021/4/24 Selling price 118,000 yen Aura brand 30th anniversary model. Limited production of 100 units. It is a CD dedicated machine that regards to the concept of CD50 and CD100 designed by Aura. Balance/Single analog output with warm sound quality like Aura without external input, digital is specialized only for coaxial/light output, allowing you to listen to the original sound quality of CD. Appearance is dull. There is an insulator mark on the top plate. Serial BD1847C0007 (Kimiya Miura) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.24 Operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control, instruction manual, power cable, original box Main Specifications: Premium Black Edition Cirrus Logic CS4398 Adopted Size W430 ✕ H67 ✕ D275mm Weight 4.6kg


Ask 21-31290-08036-00
Original price: JPY 160,000
Price: JPY 57,091
Japan 1997 made
Arrival: 2021-04-24 19:57:12
price cut. 2021/4/24 Sales price 69,800 yen* Passing status quo because pick-up cannot be obtained in the future. Manufacturer Maintenanced Marantz CD player equipped with digital input/output terminals It is a high cost performance machine with a wide variety of inputs and outputs in a thin enclosure. While the treble growth is modest compared to the current equipment, the texture of the middle tone is firm and audible. Scratches on the top plate and display, dirt on the main body and remote control. Serial MZ009640020016 (Takasaki Takasaki) Maintenance information: 2021.4.24 Manufacturer maintenance (open closed SW exchange, loading belt wear replacement, optical lens cleaning ※ Disc reading is working, (Please be aware that pick-up parts are not available, so it may not be possible to repair it in the future.) Accessories: Remote control, copy of operation, power cord Main Specifications: Linear Tracking Mechanics CDM12.1 Balanced Output/D/A Mode Sampling Frequency [CD Mode] 44.1KHz [DA Mode] 32kHz/44.1KHz/48kHz W458 × H110 × D369mm 11kg


Ask 20-29183-36513-00
Original price: JPY 99,800
Price: JPY 36,182
Japan 1999 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-03-06 20:31:54
※ Although the manufacturer has been maintained, it is inexpensive because there are many butyl seals on the inside. The company's classic long-selling 1650 series AZ. It is a model that has gained popularity with bright and thick tones. It is easy to listen to in any genre, the thickness of the middle and low range seems like DENON is attractive. Appearance is small scratches. The remote control is a replacement. (Tetsuji Oikawa) Maintenance information: 2021.3.6 Manufacturer maintenance (belt, mechanical SW/relay, etc., replacement of belt, mechanical SW/relay etc., tray paint stripping rework, various discs used for a long time operation test was carried out. [The attached remote control is a basic operable equivalent.] [There is no guarantee of operation due to internal remodeling · Many butyl sheets are pasted] u Headphone/line-out volume is contact resurgent treatment only) Accessories: Alternate remote control power cord Main specifications: Frequency characteristics 2Hz to 20kHz W434×H135 × D340mm 12.4kg

WADIA 6Japan

This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-29169-04470-00
Original price: JPY 750,000
Price: JPY 216,364 Sold Out
Japan 1992 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-02-28 20:18:09
Significant price reduction (2021.2.28 selling price 250,000 yen) ※ Learning remote control is not genuine remote control is included. Maintened! One of the most popular masterpieces CD player in WADIA history. Combining the conflicting elements of the strength of the core of the low range and the richness of mass, expressiveness full of dynamism is the highest quality as a body type. The strength of the energy feeling that the VRDS mecha has gone to its full advantage is a must. * Basic operations such as song forwarding are fine for learning remote control, but 10 keys can not be used. Appearance has small scratches and dullness (Sasaki Shota) Maintenance information: 2021.1.15 Maintenance (tray drive, replacement of two vertical drive belts, pick-up cleaning, optical playback characteristics confirmation, CA test. (Belt replacement for horizontal drive and clamp, regeneration test, DAC function test, no abnormalities) Accessories: Alternate learning remote control, copy of the copy, spike set, power cable Main specifications: VRDS mechanism 32 times sampling rate 20-bit digital output, AES/EBU × 1, BNC × 1, ST×1 analog output, XLR × 1, RCA × 1 W350 × H155 × D408mm 15kg


Ask 21-30536-02755-00
Original price: JPY 66,000
Price: JPY 22,545
Japan 1997 made
Arrival: 2021-02-13 20:11:10
I cut the price! 2021/2/13 Price 39,800 yen Entry class, CD player that allows you to enjoy sound quality with a sense of stability for music of any genre. The Alpha processor circuit allows you to enjoy traditional DENON sound that is smooth, thick and glossy. Appearance, there are scratches and scratches. Serial 209156039 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance Information: 2021.2.13 Operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control, instruction manual Main Specifications: Analog RCA output 2 system (variable/fixed) digital output 2 system (coaxial/optical) Speed control function W434×H134 × D340mm 7.4kg


Ask 17-12915-68756-00
Original price: JPY 59,800
Price: JPY 45,273
Japan 1988 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2020-12-05 20:03:23


Ask 19-24839-63175-00
Original price: JPY 59,800
Price: JPY 27,091
Japan 1988 made
Arrival: 2020-10-19 20:04:29
I cut the price! 2020/10/19 Sales price 49,800 yen High CP model built by inheriting the technology of the top model. From the sony-like sonic design of the time, it plays a good sound of crisp. The sound quality that was built around the peak of the CD is also good matching with vintage speakers. Appearance, there are dullness and scratches. Serial 207739 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance Information: 2020.10.19 Maintenance (Loading belt replacement. Optics decomposition cleaning RF level check (1Vpp reference). Linear motor disassembly cleaning. Limit switch disassembly cleaning. Volumetric cleaning with motor. Top plate reinforcement plate modification. Fix the screw difference. Each output audio check. Light receiving operation confirmed. (Interior and exterior cleaning) Accessories: No accessories Main specifications: Gibraltar base unit mounted 110dB SNR 100dB dynamic range with fixed output and variable output with digital out W430 × H115 × D340mm 6.2kg
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