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Ask 22-35163-34924-00
Original price: JPY 13,000
Price: JPY 818
Arrival: 2022-04-29 19:56:36
The price has been reduced! 2022/4/29 selling price 2,000 yen Victor's AV selector. One-touch switching is possible by connecting up to 3 devices with D terminals (compatible with D1 to D4 standards), such as DVD players and BS digital tuners. The appearance has a feeling of use such as dullness. Serial 17708612 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance information: 2022.4.29 Continuity confirmed ※ The video is unchecked. Accessories: None Main specifications: External dimensions Width 360 mm x Height 55 mm x Depth 208 mm Mass 1.6 kg


Ask 21-33477-22994-00
Manufacture:CUSTOM TRY
Original price: JPY 2,000
Price: JPY 909
Arrival: 2021-12-19 20:24:49
* There was a sound, but details such as characteristics have not been checked. Dynamic microphone made in China with standard specifications. How about a wide range of applications in addition to vocals? Main body length 165cm, 210g (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2021.11.28 sound output confirmed Accessories: none


Ask 22-35133-34669-00
Original price: JPY 42,000
Price: JPY 1,091
Japan 1997 made
Arrival: 2022-04-09 20:32:58
The price has been reduced. 2022/4/9 Sales price 2,500 yen* It is cheap because it smells like tobacco. It is equipped with an AV amplifier and program memory, which is a popular machine where you can easily enjoy cinema DSP, and you can store the optimal program for each source. The appearance has a feeling of use such as small scratches and dullness. Serial Y064917TV (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance information: 2022.4.9 operation confirmed (video is unchecked) Accessories: None*Remote control is not included. Main Specifications: Rated Output Main 70W+70W (6Ω) Center 70W (6Ω) Rear 20W+20W (6Ω) Power Consumption 220W External Dimensions W435xH151xD299.5mm Weight 8.7 kg


Ask 21-33477-23182-00
Price: JPY 1,364
Arrival: 2021-12-21 20:08:22
Guitar stand by KIKUTANI Comes with a fall prevention strap. There are some abrasions (Murakoshi Yoichi) Accessories: none Main Specifications: W510 × H760 (Max) × D330mm


Ask 20-28047-28364-00
Manufacture:Electro Voice
Price: JPY 1,364
Arrival: 2020-06-22 20:13:35
The disposal price has been reduced! (Not eligible for member discounts) 2020/6/22 sales price 8,000 yen* Currently sold goods. The active controller for Electro Bois. It is a 1U size speaker crossover system. Feeling of use, dullness, small scratches are scattered. Serial 94285038 (Atsushi Takasaki) Maintenance Information: 2020.6.22 Operation confirmed Accessories: power cord Main specifications: PSE standard product Rated voltage 100V/125V Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz W483 × H45 × D230mm 3.7 kg


Ask 21-33477-23181-00
Price: JPY 1,364
Arrival: 2021-12-21 20:08:19
Guitar stand by KIKUTANI Comes with a fall prevention strap. There are some abrasions (Murakoshi Yoichi) Accessories: none Main Specifications: W510 × H760 (Max) × D330mm


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 22-35253-35650-00
Original price: JPY 50,000
Price: JPY 4,545 Sold Out
Japan 1996 made
Arrival: 2022-04-22 19:59:51
A mixer dedicated to DJs. It is equipped with a tough and long life fader using a high-precision resistor. It's also a good idea to try DJing in conjunction with the SL-1200 series. There are noticeable stains on the top surface, and there is a lot of feeling of use (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2022.4.19 sound confirmed Accessories: power cord Main specifications: 2CHDJ mixer PHONO/LINE input LINE/MONITOR/HEADPHONE output W260 × D305 × H102 mm 3.4 kg


Ask 17-09499-34737-00
Price: JPY 4,545
Arrival: 2017-03-16 19:47:59


Ask 22-35253-35649-00
Original price: JPY 50,000
Price: JPY 4,545
Arrival: 2022-04-21 20:12:26
※ CUE lever is missing, there is some gulp on the TRIM dial. This is a classic DJ mixer from Technics. Since the crossfader adopts an optical cross method, it is highly durable and can handle heavy play such as scratches. There is a feeling of use (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2022.4.19 sound output confirmed Accessories: Power cord Main specifications: Input/LINE input 3 systems, PHONO input 2 systems, MIC input × 1 output/LINE · MONITOR · REC output 1 system each PHONES input × 1 W260 × H102 × D305mm 3.5 kg 


Ask 22-34195-28066-00
Original price: JPY 59,000
Price: JPY 5,455
U.S.A 1982 made
Arrival: 2022-01-23 20:25:50
The price has been drastically reduced! 2022/1/23 Sales price 8,000 yen*Currently sold item. dbx noise reduction During recording, the encoder compresses the dynamic range of the input signal to 1/2 in db, and conversely expands it by 2 times with the decoder during playback. It has a noise reduction effect of more than 30db in the entire audio frequency band. The appearance has line scratches and dullness. Serial AMJ2243151 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance information: 2022.1.23 operation confirmed Accessories: No accessories Main specifications: W439 × H48 × D188mm 2.1kg


Ask 22-34676-31439-00
Price: JPY 7,273
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-03-30 19:39:05
* Because it is cheap, it will be passed as it is. Dynamic range expander for dbx It is an item that expands the compressed sauce to a natural range. The appearance has dullness and threads. (TAMURA Eiji) Maintenance information: 2022.3.30 operation confirmed Accessories: No accessories Main specifications: W280 × H95 × D260mm


Ask 22-34476-30106-00
Original price: JPY 47,000
Price: JPY 8,909
Japan 2012 made
Arrival: 2022-02-23 20:10:53
The disposal price has been reduced! (Membership discounts are not applicable) 2022/2/23 selling price 12,800 yen A model equipped with a DAC, op amp, and headphone amplifier. It is a reliable portable headphone amplifier that has good response and clarity, and allows you to enjoy high sound quality as close to the original sound as possible. There are some paint floats and peeling on the exterior. Serial 0013801 (Tamura Eiji) Maintenance Information: 2022.2.23 Operation confirmed Accessories: instruction manual, exclusive cord, silicone belt Main specifications: USB audio: iPod/iPhone/iPad 10Hz to 100kHz Compatible impedance: 8Ω to 600Ω Maximum output: about 175mW+175mW Compatible sampling frequency /Number of bits: USB input maximum 96kHz/24bit Audio output terminal: stereo mini audio terminal Audio input terminal: stereo mini audio terminal, micro USB terminal (type B) W67 × H26 × D130mm mass approx. 220g


Ask 20-25956-02391-00
Price: JPY 8,909
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2020-01-18 19:45:30


Ask 22-34866-32829-00
Original price: JPY 28,000
Price: JPY 10,000
Arrival: 2022-04-23 19:42:57
The price has been reduced! 2022/4/23 Sales price 12,000 yen* It is cheap because the overall condition such as scratches and dents is poor. TAOC's audio board Hybrid structure of melamine veneer, particle board, cast iron powder, and phenolic laminate. Prevents resonance to the floor and provides stable bass. The appearance includes scratches, paint peeling, and dents. (Kimiya Miura) Accessories: No accessories Main specifications: W600 × H40 × D600mm 11.5kg


Ask 22-35253-35651-00
Original price: JPY 80,000
Price: JPY 11,636
Japan 2001 made
Arrival: 2022-04-20 20:15:20
VESTAX's DJ mixer * The crossfader has a little gulp and is currently on sale. There is no problem with each input/output. Input: LINE (RCA) × 6, PHONO (RCA) × 3, Output: MASTER OUT (φ6.3phone) × 1 (RCA) × 1, HEADPHONE OUT ( φ6.3 PHONE) × 1 equalizer 3BAND for each PGM CH, 2BAND on MIC CH (PGM1, 2 are equipped with 3BAND isolator switches on both sides of the crossfader) Appearance, There is dullness and a feeling of use over time (Hitoshi Kobayashi) Maintenance information: 2022.4.20 Operation confirmed. The crossfader's gully remains. There is a difference in the illuminance of the signal lamp. Accessories: None Main specifications: W290 × H110 × D380mm 4.75kg (actual measurement)


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 22-35593-38124-00
Price: JPY 13,636 Sold Out
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-05-21 20:13:03
* There is no problem with sound output, but only the indicator in the 125Hz band does not move, so it is currently sold. 10-band graphic equalizer The lights that look retro in dark places are also very beautiful. Since it is equipped with a reverb circuit, you can enjoy recreating the realism of the hall etc. at home. There are dullness, small scratches, deterioration of the film of the power cable, stickiness, and styrofoam adheres (Tetsuji Oikawa) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.21 Operation confirmed Accessories: microphone cable Main specifications: Control range: ±15dB Frequency response: 5 to 100kHz±1dB EQ flat gain: ±1dB unity. Input/output level (MAX): 5V RMS Load impedance: 10kΩ or more Input impedance: 47kΩ Output impedance: 470Ω [Analyzer] Peak hold: Continuous input Impedance (MIC): 2,2kΩ (1kHz) Input sensitivity MIC/LINE: 0.5mV/150mV Pink noise output: 100mV [reverb] S/N (at EQ flat): 80dB Reverb Time: 520msec or more [Microphone] Model: Electric Capacitor Directivity: Single Impedance (1kHz): 2.2 kΩ Sensitivity: 0dB=1V/Microbar, - 70dB W446 × H130 × D324 mm 5.3 kg (actual measurement)


Ask 22-35302-36041-00
Original price: JPY 95,000
Price: JPY 13,636
Japan 2001 made
Arrival: 2022-05-02 20:00:18
Analog reconstructor for cutting digital noise. The analog signal converted by the D/A converter is replaced with light once, high-frequency noise is completely removed, and converted into an electrical signal again. In terms of sound quality, it changes to a sound that feels good to the ear with a raised S/N. *XLR is number 3 HOT. You can feel the feeling of use. Serial 200136 (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2022.4.24 sound confirmed Accessories: power cable Main specifications: 2 input/output systems each (RCA/XLR) W482 × H50 × D275mm 2.1kg


Ask 22-35563-37928-00
Original price: JPY 40,000
Price: JPY 18,182
Japan 1999 made
Arrival: 2022-05-23 20:03:28
STAX ear speaker driver unit driver unit is currently sold because it is only a driver unit. Driver unit with an all-semiconductor DC amplifier configuration. A low noise FET is adopted for the first stage, and the last stage driving the ear speakers is emitter-follower to achieve low impedance. The appearance is dull, there is a feeling of use such as small scratches. Serial 3-0873 (Nobuyuki Takahashi) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.23 Check power on only Accessories: power cord Main specifications: Input level” 100mV/100V output Maximum output voltage 350Vr.m.s/1kHz Bias voltage 580V × 2 W150 × H100 × D370mm 2.9 kg

Wave music system 4U.S.A

Ask 22-35616-38256-00
Wave music system 4
Original price: JPY 65,880
Price: JPY 22,545
U.S.A 2015 made
Arrival: 2022-05-23 20:03:30
An all-in-one model that uses waveguide speaker technology to achieve immersive and powerful sound like you would experience in a concert hall. In addition to CDs and FM/AM radios, you can wirelessly play music stored on your smartphone or tablet such as iPad. You can enjoy internet radio from all over the world with one touch using your home Wi-Fi network. Operation and installation are simple and easy. Serial 070255990360115AE (Nobuyuki Takahashi) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.23 Operation confirmed Accessories: Remote Control Instruction Manual Copy Power Cord FM Antenna Demo CD Main specifications: Wireless LAN: IEEE 802.11b/g/n network playback Audio format: MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless Dimensions W368xH142xD221mm mass 4.5kg 


Ask 22-35186-35076-00
Original price: JPY 79,800
Price: JPY 22,727
Japan 1983 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-04-26 19:58:31
* Since there is a gully, it is currently sold. Technics 33-band stereographic equalizer The left and right independent type allows you to freely control a wide range of bands. Please make the sound quality you want. The appearance is dull and rusty (Tetsuji Oikawa) Maintenance Information: 2022.4.26 Operation confirmed Main specifications: stereo graphic equalizer 33 band level control 12dB, 3dB (33 elements, continuously variable) W430 × H153 × D330mm 6.6kg


Ask 22-35171-34960-00
Original price: JPY 250,000
Price: JPY 32,545
Japan 2004 made
Arrival: 2022-04-19 19:57:58
The price has been reduced. 2022/4/19 Sales price 39,800 yen Master clock generator A stable word clock that does not fluctuate by constantly receiving Japanese standard time radio waves and turning it into a clock source It distributes it to the equipment. West Japan specification (60 kHz) appearance has dullness (Katsuji Hiura) Maintenance information: 2022.4.19 operation confirmed Accessories: Instruction manual power cable antenna cable Main specifications: Output frequency 44.1kHz/88.2kHz/176.4kHz/48kHz/96kHz/192kHz 2 systems each (BNC terminal) W430 × H95 × D275mm 5.5kg


Ask 06-29044-84726-00
Price: JPY 45,455
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2007-03-05 17:28:24
Checked by Kaneko Onkyo keisoku Service on Mar.5th 2007. (with report). Dynamic type.


Ask 22-34202-28143-00
Price: JPY 56,182
Arrival: 2022-01-30 19:38:23
The price has been reduced. 2022/1/30 Sales price 80,000 yen*Only one unit (it is mono) This is a tube type mono microphone amplifier built into the open reel deck PR-10 of Ampex. It can be used as a mono pre with line input. It's a straight, neutral, yet deep sound. There is an attenuator, and the MIC input/output is unchecked (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2022.1.29 sound confirmed Accessories: None Main specifications: Vacuum tube used 6DJ8, 6AW8A, 12AX7A W482 × H132 × D160mm 7.4kg


Ask 22-35583-38041-00
Original price: JPY 180,000
Price: JPY 90,727
Japan 2014 made
Arrival: 2022-05-23 20:07:19
This is the ultimate version of the P-1. It is a pure A class specification, which is rare for a headphone amplifier, so you can enjoy a finer and clearer playback sound. The appearance is dull and dirty. Serial M50101315B (Katsuji Hiura) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.23 Operation confirmed Accessories: Instruction manual power cable Main specifications: 2W+2W (8Ω) 1W+1W (16Ω) High sound quality feedback circuit “ODNF3.0A” headphone output 2 systems RCA/XLR inputs 1 system each W440 × H82 × D408 mm 8.3 kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 22-34800-32239-00
Original price: JPY 1,000,000
Price: JPY 107,273 Sold Out
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-03-20 17:22:23
The disposal price has been reduced. Membership prices are not applicable. 2022/3/20 Sales price 298,000 yen Yamaha Avitex Soundproof Room 3 tatami type soundproofing is Dr-30 grade and the sound of a piano becomes a spoken voice. It is mainly sized for playing musical instruments, but if you want to play audio, you can use a desktop size speaker system. With wall outlet and ventilation fan The previous owner does not smoke, so the inside is odorless. At present, the indoor articulation panel cannot be fixed (fixed parts deteriorate, some parts are missing. (See photos 4, 5, and 7), a hole for air conditioning is drilled on the wall at the end. One metal fitting to fix the top plate is missing, and there are scratches and snagging scratches in other places* Please contact us for assembly costs and shipping costs. We cannot guarantee any soundproofing performance, condition, or missing parts. Please be aware of this before purchasing (Yosuke Kojima) Accessories: None Main specifications: Inner dimensions W1685 × H1730 × D2590 mm External dimensions W1802 × H1877 × D2712 mm (H2007 mm with ceiling ventilation fan included) * Actual measurements and external dimensions do not include door opening and closing width


Ask 22-35583-38046-00
Manufacture:Aurora Sound
Original price: JPY 248,000
Price: JPY 152,727
Arrival: 2022-05-23 20:07:06
Headphone Amplifier Strong drive capability with BTL balance drive. Good localization of sound image by LR independent 4-wire system. Equipped with both 4pinXLR and 3pinXLR and unbalanced standard jacks, compatible with a variety of headphones Enjoy the pleasure of listening to headphones, where you can see the three-dimensional sound image with excellent channel separation, and the musical expression of each part as if you were able to pick it up. The appearance is relatively good (Katsuji Hiura) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.23 Operation confirmed Accessories: Instruction manual power cable Main specifications: Size W260mmxD250mmxH100mm Weight approx. 3.9kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 22-35599-38141-00
Original price: JPY 480,000
Price: JPY 289,091 Sold Out
UK 2015 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-05-22 20:30:50
Good degree! Naspec regular imported product. A power conditioner equipped with 4 outlets for low output/front stage equipment with a rated output current of 10A and 2 outlets for 16A high output/power amplifiers. Compared to the company's AQUARIUS, the parts adopted have also been upgraded, and they have significantly stronger filter capabilities (Fujisawa Koshi) Maintenance information: 2022.5.19 operation confirmed Accessories: instruction manual, power cord, warranty card Main specifications: input outlet IEC 3P,20A × 1 system output outlet IEC 3P × 6 system size W445xH105xD325mm weight 9.0kg
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