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HELICON 400Denmark

Ask 22-35900-40271-00
Original price: JPY 600,000
Price: JPY 240,000(pair)
Denmark 2003 made
Arrival: 2022-07-04 20:04:33
The price has been reduced! 2022/7/4 selling price 278,000 yen A model for the 20th anniversary of the founding of DALI made in Denmark, which is also popular for the beauty of the furniture-like finish peculiar to Scandinavia. Low frequencies supported by low frequencies with a full sense of volume, and classic-friendly sound quality with an excellent sense of depth. The glossy, textured tone in the mid-high range is also attractive. The exterior has small scratches and dullness, and a little stickiness around the ring of the unit. Serial 7340488 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance Info: 2022.7.4 Sweep Test Good Accessories: saran net, spike, spike receiver, jumper cable, original box Main specifications: Adopts a large binding post compatible with 3way4 speaker by-wiring Banana plug compatible W264 ✕ H1026 × D490mm (not including spikes) Weight 31.7kg/book


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 22-36069-41393-00
Original price: JPY 80,000
Price: JPY 49,818(pair)Sold Out
Denmark 2018 made
Arrival: 2022-07-02 20:20:01
The price has been reduced. 2022/7/2 selling price 59,800 yen Although it is a compact 2-way, it has a sense of volume over the size, and the sound quality is orthodox and has no habit. The wood fiber cone reproduces low frequencies with a speedy response. The exterior is generally beautiful with no noticeable scratches. Serial 6230752 6230752 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance information: 2022.7.2 Operation confirmed Accessories: Instruction manual saran net Main specifications: 2-way bookshelf type output sound pressure level 87dB impedance 6Ω playback frequency band 47Hz to 26kHz W200 × H350 × D315mm weight 6.3 kg

EPICON 2Denmark

This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 22-36014-41033-00
Original price: JPY 560,000
Price: JPY 252,727(pair)Sold Out
Denmark 2013 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-07-01 19:32:15
A luxury 2-way bookshelf with an eye-catching Scandinavian furniture-like finish on a sturdy cabinet. As it advocates Clystal Clear Sound, it is a delicate, high-fidelity sound with good visibility (Yosuke Kojima) Maintenance information: 2022.7.1 Operation confirmed Accessories: Instruction manual, original box, jumper plate, cleaning cloth, warranty card, cushion pad Main specifications: 2-way 2 speaker bass reflex type frequency characteristic 47Hz to 30.0kHz crossover frequency 3,100Hz efficiency 87dB impedance 4Ω W214 × H386 × D366mm Weight 10.3kg


Ask 22-36014-41353-00
Original price: JPY 100,000
Price: JPY 34,545(pair)
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-07-01 19:32:09
The base part of the speaker stand dedicated to EPICON2 and VOKAL is molded of die-cast zinc, and the pole and mounting plate are made of aluminum material to reduce the center of gravity. There is a grid structure for wiring on the inside of the pole, which allows for a smarter setting. It is a stand with excellent customizability, such as adding dyping material to other grids to further enhance the resonance suppression effect (Yosuke Kojima) Accessories: Instruction manual, mounting screws (EPICON2, VOKAL can be attached), spike set Main specifications: W275 × H531 × 401 mm 10.4 kg/unit

OPTICON 6Denmark

Ask 22-36041-41211-00
Original price: JPY 268,000
Price: JPY 98,182(pair)
Denmark 2015 made
Arrival: 2022-06-30 20:03:56
The disposal price has been reduced! (Member discounts are not applicable) 2022/6/30 Selling price 148,000 yen Dali's tall boy. The woofer uses a wood fiber cone, and the tweeter is equipped with a 28mm dome tweeter and a ribbon tweeter. In addition to the conventional mid-high range with a high texture, it has acquired a low frequency where you can feel a new high response. There are scratches and dullness on the exterior. Serial 1917325 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance Info: 2022.6.30 Sweep Test Good Accessories: saran net, jumper plate, spike Main specifications: 3-way 4 speakers bass reflex type frequency characteristics 49Hz to 32kHz efficiency 89dB impedance 4Ω W195 × H1,001 × D330mm weight 18.9 kg

RUBICON 5Denmark

This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 22-36013-41021-00
Original price: JPY 448,000
Price: JPY 190,909(pair)Sold Out
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-06-28 19:50:03
The price has been drastically reduced. 2022/6/28 selling price 258,000 yen first arrival! DALI's latest mid-range series was newly designed by generously incorporating new technology cultivated at the flagship EPCON. You can enjoy a clear sound with a good view. There are no major scratches, but there is a slight bend in one place of the dowel of the saran net, but there is no problem with use (Oikawa Tetsuji) Maintenance information: 2022.6.28 Operation confirmed Accessories: original box, spike, jumper plate, tool Main specifications: 4Ω 86dB 45Hz to 34.0kHz W195 × H890 × D338 mm (not including spikes) 15.7 kg

BaseLine ConesDenmark

Ask 21-33496-23188-00
BaseLine Cones
Original price: JPY 14,000
Price: JPY 6,364
Arrival: 2021-11-27 20:16:35
Set of 8 Dali brass cone spike set The adjustment function makes it easy to adjust to the desired height. Is there dullness (Yoichi Murakoshi) Accessories: Spike receiver, case Main specifications: brass/chrome plated diameter 24.7mm height 27.5mm load capacity 40kg
7 results
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