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Ask 22-35219-35300-00
Original price: JPY 3,160,000
Price: JPY 1,072,727(pair)
UK 1988 made
Arrival: 2022-05-01 20:09:36
The disposal price has been reduced! (Not eligible for member discounts) 2022/5/1 selling price 1,980,000 yen Both exterior oil finish and interior and exterior have been refreshed and maintained! It is the Westminster Royal, the flagship of Tannoy's highest peak, which boasts a majestic scale and outstanding localization. It has an overwhelming presence, and is a famous machine that plays high-grade reproduction sounds from an elegant design like a work of art. Immerse yourself in the music without getting tired of listening. The high level of musicality, which is located at the opposite end of current monitor speakers, is attractive. Serial 055685 055700 (Nobuyuki Takahashi) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.1 Maintained (exterior polishing, oil finish, exterior chipping, veneer float repair, internal unit fixed plate fixation correction Saran net cleaning/re-sticking Saran frame (Coating unit maintenance: low frequency side: edge replacement, magnetic circuit rust removal, gap cleaning, center adjustment, high frequency side: magnetic circuit rust removal, gap cleaning, center adjustment) Unit detachment Accessories: Instruction manual key x 1 Saran net Main specifications: coaxial 2way front+back road horn (38 cm) crossover frequency 1000Hz efficiency 99db (Wm) dimensions W980 × H1395 × D560 (mm) weight 138kg


Ask 22-35524-37651-50
Manufacture:Jeff Rowland
Original price: JPY 2,530,000
Price: JPY 861,818
Arrival: 2022-05-15 19:37:18
Genuine Oba Shoji product. Jeff Rowland's 4ch power amplifier uses the IcePower module, so there is almost no heat generation of the amplifier. Due to the nature of IcePower, which is resistant to fluctuations in voltage, impedance, noise, etc., it achieves a dynamic range of 117 dB, and is a high-quality amplifier where you can enjoy high-definition sound close to MC for live music. The high speed, transparent, and powerful sound is JEFF ROWLAND. The appearance has a feeling of use such as scratches, dullness, rubbing, etc. on the front panel. Serial MC0003 (Nobuyuki Takahashi) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.15 Operation confirmed 2020.6.25Maintained (CD-DC converter module replacement) Accessories: Instruction manual power cord Main specifications: Output 300w × 4 (8Ω) 500w × 4 (4Ω) Output bandwidth 5Hz to 60kHz-3dB Dynamic range 117dBA Input impedance 40kΩ Gain sensitivity 26dB Or 32dB W394 × H269 × D469 43 kg 


Ask 22-34847-32626-00
Price: JPY 654,545(pair)
UK 1976 made
Arrival: 2022-04-15 20:10:53
The disposal price has been reduced! (Not eligible for member discounts) 2022/4/15 It is an Autograph in stock that has been thoroughly reviewed and brushed up the inside and outside of the sales price of 1,480,000 yen. Unit overhaul, saran and exterior repair have also been added, and completely refreshed! This time, it will be a domestic box (UTOPIA) specification equipped with TANNOY 3828. You can experience a deep and majestic sense of scale that cannot be obtained in modern TANNOY, which is expressed by the backroad horn in the lowest range and the front short horn in the middle and low range. Serial 67661 67659 (Yamato Yuki) Maintenance information: 2022.4.15 Maintained (exterior repair/cleaning, top plate polishing/painting Saran net cleaning/re-sticking unit maintenance (low frequency side: edge replacement, magnetic circuit rust removal ・Cleaning center adjustment in the gap, high frequency side: magnetic circuit rust removal, in-gap cleaning, center adjustment) Network maintenance (repair of housing adhesion peeling. Clean the output terminals. Replaced the internal connection Faston terminal. ATT (SW type) contact cleaning. Frequency characteristic measurement check (~ 42 kHz) was performed and the original capacitor was continued to be used for good results. (Check input/output waveform and balance, check sound output) (Unit detachment/caster replacement) Accessories: Saran net Main specifications: 38cm coaxial 2way unit (TANNOY 3828) floor type 8Ω 85W size W1080 × H1530 × D670mm (actual measurement)


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 22-35524-37649-50
Original price: JPY 470,000
Price: JPY 634,545 Sold Out
Japan 1980 made
Arrival: 2022-05-15 19:06:48
Gunmetal turntable heavyweight record player It echoes brilliantly with a deep chiseled sound, and a solid bass line with a glossy female vocal's sex appeal and outline. The tranquility between sounds is reproduced in such detail that the tranquility between sounds is perfectly expressed. This time, two types of tone arm bases are included. SME Long on one side and Grace on the other side. The state of appearance is dull over time. You can see bruises, etc. There is a kusumi on the gun metal table. (Yuki Yamato) Maintenance information: 2022.5.15 operation confirmed (good rotation for both 33 and 45) Accessories: Instruction manual copy handle EP adapter Main specifications: 55mm thick gun metal turntable weight 16kg RX-5000: W312 × H135 × D312mm 22.2 kg RY-5500: W180 × H114 × D240 mm 12kg


Ask 21-33756-24872-00
Price: JPY 293,636
U.S.A 1959 made
Arrival: 2022-01-19 19:37:11
The disposal price has been reduced! (Not eligible for member discounts) 2022/1/19 sales price 498,000 yen. It's been maintained! It is a rare initial C20 that has been refreshed after maintenance such as replacing a condenser. The tone is a thick and soft touch unique to Old McKinn, and it vividly depicts music in the middle and high frequencies with a gloss that is different from the C22. There is age-appropriate dullness on the front panel (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2022.1.19 maintenance (vacuum tube 12AU7 replacement, diode, resistor 10W, 2W, 1/2 W, electrolytic capacitor 4000μF and lug terminals, etc., added, block capacitor 40μF × 2 other deterioration replacement, main volume contact unstable replacement and rear cover addition, oil capacitor 0.1 μF replacement, oil capacitor 0.022 μF, other VitaminQ → BlackCat, etc. Replacement, tube socket and RCA jack caulking repair. (Other operation has been checked with AC100-117V.) Accessories: None Main specifications: Vacuum tube used 6X4, 12AX7, 12AU7 W390 × H146 × D315mm 8.3 kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 22-35407-36788-00
Original price: JPY 520,000
Price: JPY 278,182(pair)Sold Out
U.S.A 2009 made
Arrival: 2022-05-05 20:08:13
The price has been drastically reduced! 2022/5/5 selling price 358,000 yen JBL's medium-sized studio monitor speaker. A 3-way specification that combines a compression driver for ultra-high frequencies. It is characterized by a clear and powerful sound quality full of transparency. You can enjoy the wide range of JBL sound of the new generation. There are small scratches on the exterior. The color is slightly different on the left and right. Serial 032530/032531 (Tamura Eiji) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.5 sweep check OK Accessories: Saran net Main specifications: 3-way bookshelf type frequency band 38Hz to 45kHz 6Ω 91dB W400 × H635 × D335mm 32.3kg

model 10BU.S.A

Ask 22-34147-27727-00
model 10B
Original price: JPY 320,000
Price: JPY 240,000
U.S.A 1962 made
Arrival: 2022-01-17 19:47:35
The disposal price has been reduced! (Not eligible for member discounts) 2022/1/17 sales price 378,000 yen Maintenance completed! It has been changed to a domestic band. A monumental FM tuner designed by Richard Sequera. It is the ultimate one that was released at an exceptional price of $650 at the time of 1962, and where is the ease of tuning with a cathode ray tube oscilloscope, and the sound that feels warm in the voice while being flat It's a very top-notch model. A masterpiece that makes you feel the joy of audio with a tuner. The appearance has a feeling of use such as small scratches and dullness. Serial 10-1111 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance information: 2022.1.16 maintained (vacuum tube 6DL4 deterioration replacement/muting improvement → vacuum tube 12AU7 deterioration replacement · optocoupler deterioration replacement 3 pieces · block capacitor 1 place capacity (Lowering → Electrolytic capacitor 56μF added, neon lamp failure replacement 4 pieces operation checked) Accessories: none Main specifications: Practical sensitivity 1.9 μV (IHF) SN ratio 77dB W391 × H133 × D381 mm 16.2 kg


Ask 21-31173-07123-00
Original price: JPY 290,000
Price: JPY 234,545(pair)
Japan 1978 made
Arrival: 2021-04-07 10:13:59
Maintened! Both the lively feeling of dynamism and the elongation of the high range that seems to YAMAHA have a crisp tooth. The thickness of the low range is not found on 1000 monitors. The clear transparency, the upper and lower driving force and the smoothness of the connection are also very comfortable, and the heavy appearance of the ebony finish is also a timeless masterpiece that puts at a glance even in modern times. The appearance has some small scratches and bruises. Serial 11584L · 11584R (Yuki Yamato) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.6 Operation confirmed 2017.8.8 Maintenanced (exterior polishing, all paint deep line scratches, chipping, veneer stripping repair saran net replacement woofer cone paper, unit frame paint grill, woofer center dome dent Modified unit detachment terminal replacement (Banana plug compatible) ATT cleaning capacitor exchange* Some of the capacitors before replacement are difficult to remove, so disconnect the wiring and check the remaining input/output waveform and balance, Sound out check Frequency characteristic measurement check (~42kHz)) Accessories: Saran net Main Specifications: 3-Way Enclosed Playback Frequency Band 40Hz to 20kH Sound Pressure Level 90dB Rated Input 50W Maximum Allowable Input 100W Impedance 8Ω Crossover Frequency 500Hz/6KHz Dimensions W395 x H710 x D349mm Weight 39kg/1


Ask 18-18497-43604-00
Original price: JPY 700,000
Price: JPY 225,455(pair)
Japan 1958 made
Arrival: 2021-11-16 20:58:43
The disposal price has been reduced! (Not eligible for member discounts) 2021/11/16 sales price 298,000 yen Maintenance completed! A famous speaker representing Japan born in joint development with NHK. Since it was developed in 1957, it has been widely used as a reference standard not only for domestic broadcasters but also for overseas broadcasters and sound manufacturers. Since it is a monitor speaker, it has a tone that does not have a habit, and the characteristics of the amplifier and player to be set stand out exactly. The state of the exterior is finished neatly by maintenance. Serial 93291 93297 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance Information: 2021.11.16 Maintained (exterior polishing/full painting Exterior tape marks removal, chipping, and hole repair Hakama paint sliding tack installation, polishing each part, terminal cleaning, additional tightening. Perform frequency characteristic measurement check (~ 42 kHz) and continue to use the original capacitor for good results Input/output waveform and balance confirmation Dedicated cable creation (BTS terminal 4PIN in the previous period) Conduction and short circuit (Check saran net replacement) (Saran plate deformation correction/painting (correction traces remain) sound output check) Tweeter maintenance (cap removal cleaning) Terminal mounting processing/disconnection repair/reinforcement (Unit detachment) Accessories: Dedicated speaker cable Main specifications: 2 way 2 speaker bass reflex system floor type input impedance 8 Ω sound pressure level 96 dB dimensions W650 × H880 × D445 mm weight 45 kg/book


Ask 22-35540-37729-00
Original price: JPY 360,000
Price: JPY 225,455
Japan 2001 made
Arrival: 2022-05-16 19:51:42
Accuphase is a traditional classic 300 series. One unit that has been polished to a tone that stands out for a sense of transparency and delicacy. The low frequencies are also relaxed, making it suitable for classical music. You can enjoy it for a long time without stimulating It is also possible to upgrade as a mono power amplifier by bridge connection. The appearance has a feeling of use such as small scratches and dullness. Serial B2Y404 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.15 Operation confirmed Accessories: Instruction manual power cord Main specifications: Effective output: stereo specification time: 150W+150W (4Ω) 75W+75W (8Ω) /mono specification time (bridge connection): 600W (4Ω) 300W (8Ω) Size: W475 × H180 × D417mm Weight: 24.4kg


Ask 22-35043-33963-00
Original price: JPY 458,000
Price: JPY 205,455
U.S.A 1967 made
Arrival: 2022-04-21 20:20:01
The price has been drastically reduced! 2022/4/21 sales price 250,000 yen Maintenance completed! McIntosh's early solid-state power amplifier. The dense and powerful sound unique to vintage McKinn is full of charm different from the current model. When combined with the company's preamp C26, you can enjoy the taste unique to a vintage that is even thicker and darker. On the exterior, dullness and small scratches are scattered, and there is a feeling of use over time, such as rust everywhere. * 117V specification (Hiroki Aso) Maintenance information: 2022.4.21 Maintenance completed (panel replacement lamp replacement meter board inside adjustment VOL replacement capacitor replacement each SW and Vol cleaning operation check) Accessories: copy of instruction manual Main specifications: Output 105W+105W (4/6/8Ω) LR volume control speaker switch with headphone terminal W440 × H225 × D390mm approx. 35kg


Ask 22-33610-37682-00
Original price: JPY 210,000
Price: JPY 180,000(pair)
U.S.A 1999 made
Arrival: 2022-05-14 20:27:50
Refresh with internal and external maintenance! A popular model with a vivid blue baffle that catches the eye. A titanium dome is used for the tweeter, and the sharpness of the high range is outstanding. The sound of rock and jazz-like sounds is pleasant, and it is a crisp sound with a sharp sound while the bass comes out well. The state of the exterior is finished neatly by maintenance. Serial J370-010086 J371-0100134 (Yuki Yamato) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.14 Operation confirmed 2022.4.29 Maintained (exterior polishing/oil finishing rear baffle hole filling repair/painting, plate repair saran net broken repair/painting, net replacement woofer crack repair/cone paper painting ・Midframe polishing tweeter grille dent correction ATT cleaning unit detachment) Accessories: Saran net Main specifications: 3-way, 3-speaker, bass reflex system Frequency characteristic 45Hz to 22kHz crossover 2kHz/5kHz Sound pressure level 93dB Impedance 6Ω Dimensions W362 × H597 × D299mm weight 20kg/book


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 22-35021-33868-00
Original price: JPY 550,000
Price: JPY 180,000 Sold Out
Japan 1998 made
Arrival: 2022-05-13 19:59:36
It's been maintained! A CD player that employs the 20-bit type of K2 processing. It is a top-loading model with a moist mid-range spread, and an elegant mid-high range that is attractive. It plays a supple and fine-grained sound. One unit with excellent functionality and performance as a CD transport and as a D/A converter. The appearance has a feeling of use such as dullness and line scratches. Serial 09200385 (Takahashi Nobuyuki) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.13 Maintained (DAC circuit IC module replacement. Door drive belt replacement Cleaning the pickup lens (Playback operation check.) Accessories: Instruction manual Power cord*Remote control is missing Main specifications: Digital output BNC/TOS analog output RCA1 system/XLR1 system Digital input RCA/TOS W435 × H126 × D400mm 19kg


Ask 22-35043-33965-00
Original price: JPY 348,000
Price: JPY 161,818
U.S.A 1970 made
Arrival: 2022-04-30 20:19:19
The disposal price has been reduced! (Not eligible for member discounts) 2022/4/30 sales price 238,000 yen Maintenance completed! A popular preamp that was released in the era of analog heyday. The middle range has a glossy and sexy atmosphere than the one after C29. Its rich sound can be said to be a preamp that represents McKinn in the golden age. Including the top plate and screws, rust is conspicuous. There are other aging dullness, small scratches, etc. (Yuki Yamato) Maintenance information: 2022.4.30 maintained (headphone output TV disconnection → replacement, input selector SW poor contact → each SW, vol cleaning, cleaning lamp, off Illumination lamp deterioration, power supply bypass C deterioration, block C partial disconnection, → replacement, additional installation, Phono stage C deterioration replacement, panel peeling large, main vol 2 o'clock to 3 o'clock position gully, noise. I can't get any more volgari. (Glass panel peeling large → replacement.) Accessories: copy of instruction manual Main specifications: Input terminal RCA4 system PHONO input 2 system pre-out 2 system W430 × H182 × D365 mm 13.8 kg


Ask 22-32630-28210-00
Original price: JPY 550,000
Price: JPY 143,636
U.S.A 1979 made
Arrival: 2022-01-23 20:32:45
The disposal price has been reduced! Member discounts are not applicable. 2022/1/23 sales price 228,000 yen Maintenance completed! A control amplifier representing McKinn's golden age. It is a model that adds a wider range and delicacy compared to the C28. The rich, glossy, and thick tone is alive and well, and it goes well with vintage speakers in particular. MODE SELECTOR Slightly rusty, top plate rust floating* The volume has been changed, and the knob is white compared to other individuals (Tetsuji Oikawa) Maintenance information: 2022.1.14 maintenance (main VOL replacement (replacement), LED transistor defective replacement, operation check, and other SW, VOL cleaning (can not be completely removed) .) 2021.9.17 maintenance (each SW, vol cleaning (can not be completely removed), fuse holder cracked, LDR failure, lamp original return, bridge diode deterioration → replacement, (There is a slight level difference depending on pin jack cleaning, operation check, vol position (error of vol itself) Accessories: copy of instruction manual Main specifications: Frequency characteristics 20Hz to 20kHz input terminals PHONO1 · 2, AUX, TUNER, TAPE1 · 2 W406 × H138 × D330 mm 8.6 kg


Ask 16-06367-01802-00
Original price: JPY 270,000
Price: JPY 143,636
Japan 1983 made
Arrival: 2017-02-22 20:10:29

MODEL 3301Japan

MODEL 3301
Original price: JPY 180,000
Price: JPY 134,545(pair)
Japan 1978 made
Arrival: 2022-03-22 19:50:35
The disposal price has been reduced! (Not eligible for member discounts) 2022/3/22 sales price 298,000 yen Interior and exterior maintenance completed! It is easier to listen to than the company's model represented by the 2402, etc., and the mid-high system MT-12 can be freely replaced, so localization can be adjusted. In addition, since the mid-high range is coaxial, I think that you can enjoy the ability enough even in places where there is no feeling of flickering and you can't get a distance. The exterior is finished neatly by maintenance. (Tomoho Asaine) Maintenance information: 2022.3.22 maintained (exterior polishing/painting exterior repair (chipping, veneer gap, screw fold 3 places) network plastic board screw broken repair) stand painting/cover cap all Replacement Saran Net Replacement Woofer Whole Cleaning Unit Maintenance (Mid-High Disassembly Cleaning Net/Horn Painting Woofer Whole Cleaning) Unit Detachment (EW-301) Terminal Rust Removal Pickling, Cleaning Star Washers & Mounting Screws Adhesive Removal (MT-12) Terminals Rust Removal Pickling Cleaning Star-Shaped Washers & Mounting Screws Adhesive Removal ATT New Replacement (Common) Frequency characteristic measurement check (~ 42 kHz) and continue to use the original capacitor for good results input/output waveform and balance check sound output check) Accessories: Saran net Main specifications: 3-way, 2-speaker, bass reflex system, floor type Use unit: 30cm cone type for low frequency 12cm coaxial type for mid-high range (for middle range: 12cm ring type for high range: horn type) Playback frequency Band: 30Hz to 20kHz Output sound pressure level: 91dB/W/m Impedance: 6.3Ω Rated input: 50W Maximum input: 100W Size: W480 × H804 × D411 (mm) Weight: 35kg Stand Size: H145mm Weight: 3.6kg


Ask 22-35540-37728-00
Original price: JPY 274,000
Price: JPY 116,364(pair)
Japan 2009 made
Arrival: 2022-05-15 19:38:17
A 3-way speaker using pure magnesium HR squawker developed by the G2000. The thick bass performance with a clear attack sound that goes beyond the class, and the mid-high range with rich spatial expression are attractive gems. The appearance has a feeling of use such as small scratches and dullness. Serial 1000573 1000595 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance Information:2022.5.15 Sweep test good Accessories: Saran net Main specifications: 3-way bass reflex type output sound pressure level 86db playback frequency band 40Hz to 45kHz impedance 6Ω W228 × H1,030 × D285mm 22.5kg


Ask 21-32766-18329-00
Original price: JPY 72,500
Price: JPY 107,273
Japan 1971 made
Arrival: 2022-04-24 20:07:31
Internal parts such as capacitors and transistors have been renewed, and the speaker terminals and RCA terminals have also been completely overhauled with new replacement, and the famous Sansui AU-888 is in stock. Although it has a small output, it has only high power at that time, and it has a lot of energetic noise. The overhaul has resulted in a dynamic sound. It is a model that can be enjoyed exhilarating, such as jazz/rock. Please enjoy the ability of Sansui in the 70s. The appearance has a feeling of use over time. (Nobuyuki Takahashi) Maintenance Information: 2022.4.24 Maintained (capacitor, transistor, heat dissipation sheet, semi-fixed resistor, fuse replacement. SP terminal created. Various SW/VR internal cleaning cleaning. Clean each board contact. Re-solder after removing the old solder. Internal and external cleaning, idle DC offset adjustment. Input and output waveform confirmation, load test (1kHz sine wave, 8Ω load: 45W/45W, OK), various inputs and all SP terminals audio output tested.) Accessories: instruction manual Main specifications: 45W+45W (8Ω) W460 × H140 × D305mm 12.6kg


Ask 22-35508-37521-00
Original price: JPY 250,000
Price: JPY 98,182
Japan 2009 made
Arrival: 2022-05-13 19:59:29
The price has been drastically reduced! 2022/5/13 selling price 128,000 yen A special model based on the SA-15S2 with high-quality parts added to improve sound quality. It is a CD player with a bright, open, and delicate sound. It can also be used as a D/A converter by connecting to a digital device with an external output. The appearance has a feeling of use such as dullness. Serial 20001007000479 (Takahashi Nobuyuki) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.13 Operation confirmed Accessories: Instruction manual remote control Main specifications: SACD section/2-channel playback frequency range 2Hz to 100kHz Frequency characteristic 2Hz to 50kHz (-3dB) Dynamic range 112dB Harmonic distortion ratio (1kHz) 0.001% CD section/2 channel playback frequency range 2Hz to 20kHz Frequency characteristic 2Hz to 20kHz Dynamic range 100dB or more Harmonic distortion ratio (1kHz) 0.0015% Size W440 × H127 × D419mm Weight 14.5kg


Ask 20-85609-40431-00
Original price: JPY 150,000
Price: JPY 90,727
Japan 1977 made
Arrival: 2020-11-22 19:29:22


Ask 18-02014-04556-00
Price: JPY 77,091
U.S.A 1960 made
Arrival: 2018-02-22 20:10:57
Disposal price cut! 2/23/2018 Price 178,000 Tubular Spherical Mono FM Tuner*117V specification (reception becomes unstable at 100V), Japan band has been changed, reception sensitivity is good. This tuner is thick, soft and glossy, with the characteristics of McKin's sound. The appearance has corrosion and rust as a whole. Serial 292099 (Jun Kamibayashi) Maintenance Information: 2018.2.22 Maintenance (VT12AT7 exchange, MPX transistor exchange, RF/IF/MPX readjustment ※ Other operation check) 2016.1.25 Maintenance (VT out of 6 additional items. 2 VT replacements 4 additional ceramic C for BAND EX. Ceramic C replacement. Chemical C replacement. Front lamp repair, block.C50uF x 4 replacement. (Step up transformer 100V ⇒ 117V added) Accessories: 117V step-up transformer Main Specifications: FM dedicated tuner W400 × H130 × D300mm 8.6kg


Ask 21-33753-24862-00
Original price: JPY 198,000
Price: JPY 77,091
Japan 1986 made
Arrival: 2021-12-31 19:39:37
The price has been drastically reduced! 2021/12/31 Sales price 99,800 yen Maintained! The first α907 model. The α series has the highest power and amount of information in the series, while enhancing the texture of the mid-high range. Among them, due to the α-X balance circuit, it is an attractive one that combines a sound with a high sense of noise and a clear outline. The appearance has a feeling of aging such as scratches and rubbing on the front panel and top plate. * There is a rumor in a trance, but it is the current situation Serial 646111281 (Asasachi method) Maintenance information: 2021.12.31 Maintained (headphone relay replacement output relay replacement power supply part transistor replacement protector part transistor replacement MM/MC switch Recurring Out Power Amplifier Direct Switch Disassembly Polishing Solder Repair Input Selector Volume Switch Cleaning Flat Amplifier Part Capacitor Mounting Internal Inspection Cleaning Offset Adjustment operation confirmation*When switching to direct SW, there is a pot, but it does not affect the sound quality. It takes about 15 seconds until relay operation. * This model has some transformer noise. (I don't mind when auditioning, but I can understand it when it's quiet.) Accessories: Copy of instruction manual Main specifications: Effective output 190W+190W (6Ω) 180W+180W (8Ω) Damping factor 100 (6Ω) W448 × H160 × D441mm Weight 28.0kg

PD-T07HS LimitedJapan

Ask 22-35162-34909-00
PD-T07HS Limited
Original price: JPY 220,000
Price: JPY 72,545
Japan 1996 made
Arrival: 2022-05-02 19:42:41
It's been maintained! Limited model limited to 2700 units. It is a CD player with a turntable mechanism full of originality. There is only the flagship model of the time, which Nagaoka Tetsuo also praised, and has a wide range, smooth, and glossy tone. The expressiveness of the atmosphere of the sauce is a wonderful degree of perfection. The appearance has a feeling of use such as dullness. Serial QI1000178T (Nobuyuki Takahashi) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.2 Maintained (optics lens displacement correction cleaning radial and tangential mechanical adjustment slider shaft cleaning oil application servo adjustment RF level 1.5Vpp (reference) Loading belt replacement Digital and analog voice check Light reception check with remote control of other models Interior and exterior cleaning) Accessories: remote control power cord Main specifications: Hi-Bit Legato Link Conversion S equipped CD turntable system adopted SN ratio 115 dB or more Dynamic range 100 dB or more W440 × H140 × D341 mm 12.6kg


Ask 21-31114-06686-00
Original price: JPY 190,000
Price: JPY 72,545
Japan 1980 made
Arrival: 2022-02-07 20:05:43
The disposal price has been reduced! (Not eligible for member discounts) 2022/2/7 sales price 128,000 yen maintained! It makes me feel a bit different from the recent AccuPhase. Since it is possible to switch the value of the damping factor, it is compatible with speakers developed during the heyday of tube amplifiers, and it drives firmly. The appearance is floating on the top plate, etc., and there are rust and scratches. * Because the female thread part of the speaker terminal electrode is thin, it will be damaged if tightened strongly. Serial H6Y276 (Asaina Tomoho) Maintenance information: 2021.11.2 Maintenance completed (both left and right pre-drive transistors etc. replacement bias and offset adjustment output voice confirmation) 2020.2.27 Maintained (small signal transistor replacement. Replace the NF part electrolytic capacitor Coupling capacitor replacement. AC out replacement Semi-fixed VR exchange ATT disassembly cleaning Sticking fixes. Cleaning other relays and switches. Card edge cleaning Bias and offset check adjustment. Check the output audio. (Interior and exterior cleaning) Accessories: Instruction manual copy power cord Main specifications: 70W+70W (8Ω) W482 × H150 × D353mm 23.5kg


Ask 22-35043-33967-00
Original price: JPY 190,000
Price: JPY 72,545
Japan 1980 made
Arrival: 2022-04-05 19:44:32
The disposal price has been reduced! (Not eligible for member discounts) 2022/4/5 Sales price 128,000 yen In recent years, it makes me feel a bit different texture from AccuPhase. Since the value of the damping factor can be switched, it goes well with speakers developed during the heyday of tube amplifiers, and drives well. The appearance has a feeling of use over time, such as small scratches and dullness scattered. Serial L6Y630 (Hiroki Aso) Maintenance Information: 2022.4.5 Operation confirmed 2016.6.30 Maintenance completed (ATT disassembly cleaning and other SW cleaning. Replace electrolytic capacitors VR replacement for adjustment Output relay disassembly polishing cleaning Coupling capacitor replacement Clean the card edge connector Bias and offset checks. Check output. Top plate and side plate made of punched aluminum plate. (The interior and exterior were cleaned) Accessories: power cable Main specifications: 70W+70W (8Ω) W482 × H15 × D353mm 23.5kg 


Ask 22-35162-34908-00
Original price: JPY 350,000
Price: JPY 72,545
Japan 1995 made
Arrival: 2022-04-19 19:58:05
The price has been reduced! 2022/4/19 selling price 99,800 yen Packed with D-3 technology, there is still a reputation for clicked sound quality without fluctuations. The sharpness and edgy effect are excellent, and the fusion sounds exhilarating. Equipped with a digital volume, it is possible to connect directly to the power amplifier even if the balance is connected. With a wide range of digital inputs BNC, AES_EBU, TOS, ST, it is old, but word sync is also supported. You can also enjoy sound changes with the digital filter selector switch on the front. The appearance has a feeling of use over time, such as dullness and scratches scattered. Serial 20016 (Hiroki Aso) Maintenance information: 2022.4.19 operation confirmed Accessories: Instruction manual, power cord, insulator, spike, *Remote control missing Main specifications: D/A converter 32, 44.1, 48 kHz compatible effective number of bits 20 bit input BNC (coaxial) × 3 · XLR (balance) × 1 · TOS (optical) × 3 · ST (optical) × 1 output Digital output (BNC/coaxial), analog output (RCA/XLR) S/N ratio 115 dB or more (analog output) gain control -42 dB to +6 dB WordSync mode compatible dimensions W465 × H140 × D352mm Weight 15kg


Ask 22-35133-34668-00
Original price: JPY 210,000
Price: JPY 68,000
Japan 2015 made
Arrival: 2022-04-09 20:33:19
The price has been reduced! 2022/4/9 Sales price 89,800 yen* It is cheap because it smells like cigarettes. A premain that employs an innovative Class D amplifier equipped with a “Direct Power FET” that realizes an extremely simple circuit configuration. Equipped with a 384kHz/32-bit compatible DAC “SABRE32 Ultra DAC ES9016,” a high-resolution ESS technology that also supports DSD 11.2MHz playback, full The balance circuit configuration is clear and high S/N is attractive. The appearance has small scratches, dullness, etc. Serial JXEVOLVA00054JP (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance information: 2022.4.9 operation confirmed Accessories: remote control power cable Main specifications: Rated output 90W+90W W435 × H141.5 × D370mm 18.3kg


Ask 21-31779-11339-00
Original price: JPY 248,000
Price: JPY 68,000
Japan 1988 made
Arrival: 2021-12-30 20:08:09
The price has been reduced! 2021/12/30 Sales price 89,800 yen Manufacturer maintained. It is inexpensive because there are many scratches. A mid-high range tone with high musicality in the mid and low frequencies with a strong sense of energy that bounces moist. It is the leading candidate for domestic CD players that combine with tube amplifiers from Tannoy from the 70s and Lux of the same age. The thick analog sound has an appeal that current models do not have. There are a lot of scratches and scratches, including the front upper edge. One rubber bush inside the tray is missing (see photo) (Fujisawa Yukishi) Maintenance information: 2021.12.30 Maintenance completed (Since it is a 1990 model, it cannot be completely repaired due to parts reasons. Limited repairs are carried out only for currently repairable parts. Belt/damper replacement match, mechanical disassembly adjustment, DIG-OUT specification change, and long-time operation test using various discs have been performed. (Optical PU has deterioration corresponding to the model year. We have not confirmed any serious malfunction symptoms in our environment, but we cannot repair it if a defect symptom caused by optical PU occurs)) Accessories: remote control, copy of instruction manual Main specifications: 8x oversampling digital filter/GIC tertiary analog filter D/A conversion method: Real 20bit lambda super linear converter W480 × H146 × D390mm 22kg


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Original price: JPY 92,000
Price: JPY 63,636
U.S.A 1983 made
Arrival: 2020-07-19 20:16:06


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Original price: JPY 92,000
Price: JPY 63,636(pair)
U.S.A 1983 made
Arrival: 2017-09-23 19:44:07


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Original price: JPY 46,000
Price: JPY 63,636(pair)
Arrival: 2015-10-12 20:17:20


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Original price: JPY 92,000
Price: JPY 63,636(pair)
U.S.A 1983 made
Arrival: 2019-11-24 18:12:00


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Original price: JPY 112,000
Price: JPY 63,455(pair)
U.S.A 1983 made
Arrival: 2017-09-20 20:58:31

Signature 8NTUK

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Signature 8NT
Original price: JPY 240,000
Price: JPY 63,455(only one piece)
Arrival: 2022-04-08 19:54:46
The disposal price has been reduced! (Member discounts are not applicable) 2022/4/8 sales price 89,800 yen only for one bottle. A full-fledged three-way in-wall system that can rightfully claim the ultimate high-end status. It is very versatile and offers a universal solution for those who want the best. Whether the application is traditional two-channel audio or multi-channel home cinema, it handles all roles very easily and is powerful enough even in large rooms. Some painted baldness can be seen on the exterior. (Nobuyuki Takahashi) Maintenance information: 2022.4.8 operation confirmed Accessories: Saran net Key Specifications: Recommended Amplifier Power 20-200W Impedance 8Ω Weight 10kg Sensitivity 90dB Frequency Range -6dB @28Hzおよび50kHz Size W270 × H840 × D98mm (actual measurement) weight 10kg


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Manufacture:Musical fidelity
Original price: JPY 198,000
Price: JPY 63,455 Sold Out
UK 1999 made
Arrival: 2022-03-26 20:07:24
The price has been reduced! 2022/3/26 Sales price 79,800 yen Designed with a completely dual mono configuration from a power transformer. Pre and power are also independent configurations. The sound is thick and profound in the glittering high frequencies and the mid and low frequencies. As for the appearance, dullness and small scratches are scattered, and there is a feeling of use over time. Serial KB60056 (Hiroshi Aso) Maintenance information: 2022.3.25 operation confirmed Accessories: Power cord (general purpose) Main specifications: Effective output 85W+85W (8Ω) 170W+170W (4Ω) Input: Unbalanced (RCA) × 6 systems (1 system is PHONO: MM/MC compatible 1 system is TAPE) Outer dimensions W440mm × H95mm × D400mm Weight 13kg


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Price: JPY 59,091(pair)
Arrival: 2020-11-09 20:13:38

Definition DC6 LCRUK

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Definition DC6 LCR
Original price: JPY 270,000
Price: JPY 58,909
Arrival: 2022-04-08 19:55:09
The price has been reduced! 2022/4/8 selling price 89,800 yen A TANNOY center speaker with a beautiful enclosure that catches your eye. Adopts a 2.5 way+passive radiator. It is a high quality that seems to be a modern machine that achieves both a sense of volume and delicacy. As for the appearance, oxidation of the unit frame and dullness of the unit can be seen. Serial 80005850130820600325 (Takahashi Nobuyuki) Maintenance Information: 2022.4.8 Operation confirmed (good sweep test) Accessories: Saran net jumper cable (general purpose) * pedestal is not included. Main specifications: Driver unit 25mm titanium dome+150mm multi-fiber paper cone bath unit 150mm multi-fiber paper cone passive radiator 150mm Multi Fiber Paper Cone Crossover Frequency 1.7Hz W600×H226×D285mm 11.9kg


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Original price: JPY 54,800
Price: JPY 54,364
Japan 1984 made
Arrival: 2021-08-16 19:09:58
MAINTENANCE! Comes with cartridge (SHURE M44G) Once set up, it is a full-auto player that allows you to enjoy analog sound with easy operation. With repeat function, you can enjoy the sound quality of the record without any hassle. The ability to switch the size of the board allows automatic start of both 12 and 7 inch boards. The appearance is kusumi and small scratches on the whole. Serial 2624309 (Asaichi method) Maintenance Information: 2021.8.16 Maintained (The arm position sensor was misaligned and unable to detect the armrest position, the motor continued to turn and operate SW was not working. The turntable was interfering with the cabinet due to damage to the turntable motor mounting part. Arm position sensor reconditioning motor mounting unit cabinet repair, degraded electrolytic capacitor replacement Substrate resoldering was carried out Turntable rotation speed check Arm operation Needle pressure check Appearance cleaning sound out test Other operation confirmation) 2020.11.6 Maintenance (Arm position detection sensor ( CDS) Replacement Substrate Re-Solder Arm Bearing Cleaning Oil Lubricating Motor Shaft Oil Lubrication Operation SWW Needle Pressure Adjustment VR Q Damping Adjustment VR Disassembly Cleaning Semi-Fixed VR Phono Cable Replacement (Arm servo part adjustment, housing cleaning, automatic operation, check for each function operation, sound out check) Accessories: Manual copy cartridge (SHURE M44G) Main Specifications: Direct Drive Speed 33 1/3rpm 45rpm No Pitch Control Compatible Cartridge Self Weight 4-9g Dimensions W434 x H145 x D410mm Weight 7.5kg


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Original price: JPY 75,000
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Arrival: 2022-05-13 19:59:35
Popular 4-tier audio rack. Sturdy construction with a metal frame Space-saving design with the outer dimensions cut down to the last minute and the inner dimensions expanded to the last minute. It brings out the performance of the device with tight and accurate sound quality. The appearance has a feeling of use such as thin line scratches and dullness on the shelf board. (Nobuyuki Takahashi) Accessories: instruction manual spike receiver Main specifications: 4-tier rack cast iron frame W540 × H935 ✕ D484mm 41kg


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Original price: JPY 150,000
Price: JPY 54,364 Sold Out
Japan 1995 made
Arrival: 2022-01-24 20:03:52


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Original price: JPY 160,000
Price: JPY 54,364
Japan 1995 made
Arrival: 2022-05-07 19:51:56
The price has been reduced! 2022/5/7 selling price 69,800 yen with alternative remote control. You can enjoy the glossy tone of the middle and high frequencies, and the low frequencies with instantaneous power and a refreshing sound without habit. It is an excellent amplifier that allows you to enjoy a wide range of music regardless of genre. * The alternative remote control can only be operated by Mute/Volume. The exterior has a feeling of use. Serial M2009729290069 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance information: 2017.6.16 Manufacturer maintained (muting relay replacement, each switch/volume contact cleaning, power/amplifier circuit soldering correction, electrical adjustment, inspection of each part.) Accessories: Alternative remote control instruction manual copy Main specifications: 150W+150W (4Ω) 120W+120W (6Ω) Size W458 × H167 × D474mm Weight 20kg


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Original price: JPY 150,000
Price: JPY 54,364(pair)
Japan 1994 made
Arrival: 2022-05-15 19:38:31
It is a model characterized by an enclosure made of solid mahogany. A luxurious design that is particular about materials, such as a woofer using Kurt Muller cones and a tweeter that employs a feather silk soft dome. It has high musicality and reproduces well-balanced sound quality. Appearance of small scratches, dullness, etc. There is a feeling of use. Serial 06102913 06102913 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.15 Operation confirmed (sweep test good) Accessories: Saran net Main specifications: 2-way, 2-speaker, bass reflex system, bookshelf type, magnetic-proof type size W200 × H343 × D263mm Weight 8.0 kg/book


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Original price: JPY 67,400
Price: JPY 50,000(pair)
Arrival: 2020-09-21 19:32:48


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Original price: JPY 114,000
Price: JPY 49,818(pair)
UK 2014 made
Arrival: 2022-05-10 19:32:29
The price has been reduced! 2022/5/10 sales price 59,800 yen* It is cheap because the saran net is out of stock. The impression is that the low frequency extrusion is stronger than the previous model, while keeping the clear, delicate, and soft high-quality sound intact. It is an easy-to-use model that also selects genres. The appearance has a feeling of use such as small scratches and dullness. Serial 1131-0011669 1131-0011700 (Tomoho Asaine) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.10 Operation confirmed (good sweep test) Accessories: Jumper cable (general purpose) Main specifications: 2-way bookshelf type playback frequency range 45Hz to 50kHz efficiency 87dB impedance 8Ω (minimum 4Ω) crossover 4kHz W190 × H345 × D324mm 6.8 kg


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Original price: JPY 135,000
Price: JPY 49,818(pair)
U.S.A 1965 made
Arrival: 2022-03-17 20:03:45
The price has been reduced! 2022/3/17 sales price 79,800 yen maintained! A representative of JBL's 1-inch driver unit. Since the playback band is wide, you can freely change the network cross and enjoy it. The toughness, sound pressure feeling, and fulfilling mid and high tones that are uncommon to some input are attractive. The appearance has a feeling of use such as aging scratches, dullness, etc. Serial 40215 44698 (Hiroki Aso) Maintenance Information: 2022.3.17 Maintained (Vibration plate mounting adjustment (The vibrating plate has D16R421.) Parts Replacement DCR (40215/6.5ohm Vibration Plate No Scratch) DCR (44698/6.5ohm No Vibration Plate Scratch) Sound Out Checked) Accessories: None Main specifications: 1 inch driver 500-20,000 Hz 8Ω W145 × D97 mm 5.1 kg/book


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Original price: JPY 66,000
Price: JPY 45,455(pair)
U.S.A 1957 made
Arrival: 2022-05-15 19:38:28
It has been maintained. With a crossover 7000Hz, the perfect network for tweeters such as 075 and 077! Please enjoy using it according to your purpose, such as 2-way or 3-way. The appearance has a feeling of use such as dullness. Serial 17288 18098 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.14 Maintained (Housing Round Terminal Rust Removal Pickling Cleaning Insulation Bushing & Mounting Screw Replacement ATT Brand New Replacement Frequency Characteristics Measurement Check (~ Approx. 42 kHz) and continue to use the original capacitor for good results input/output waveform and balance check sound output check) Accessories: none Key Specifications: Variable Level Control Crossover Frequency 7kHz 8Ω Weight 900g


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Original price: JPY 140,000
Price: JPY 45,273
Japan 1976 made
Arrival: 2022-01-19 20:07:27
The price has been reduced. 2022/1/19 Sales price 64,800 yen*It has been changed to 3P inlet specification. 2-way specification with 500Hz/2way board! Channel divider for 2way/3way in AccuPhase You can change the crossover by replacing the board. It is one of the few channel dividers that allows you to enjoy multisystem while leaving an analog feel (Fujisawa Yukishi) Maintenance information: 2022.1.19 operation confirmed Accessories: copy of instruction manual, power cord Main specifications: 2way/3way divider frequency fixed type W445 × H109 × D373mm 9.1kg


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Original price: JPY 93,500
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Japan 2003 made
Arrival: 2022-05-07 19:51:53
DENON's analog player It is a model that is very easy to use and has excellent cost performance. The phono cable is detachable, and you can replace or upgrade the cable of your choice. The appearance has a feeling of use such as small scratches and dullness. Serial 0106312339 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance information: 2022.5.7 operation confirmed Accessories: Instruction manual wound shell cartridge phono cable EP adapter Main specifications: Quartz servo type direct drive rotation speed 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm static balance S-shaped pipe arm needle pressure adjustment range 0 to 4.0 g Compatible cartridge weight 14.0 ~ 20.0g W450 × H170 × D370mm 10.1kg


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Original price: JPY 270,000
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UK 1997 made
Arrival: 2022-05-07 19:51:13
The price has been reduced! 2022/5/7 selling price 49,800 yen* It is cheap because it is in poor condition. A moist tone rich in shadows typical of England. The soft and glossy character of the mid-high range is attractive, and goes well with vocals and acoustic sauces. The appearance is dull and burnt, there are bruises on each part, and there is a slight dent in the TW. Serial A267293 A267294 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.7 Operation confirmed (sweep test good) Accessories: none Main specifications: 2-way, 3-speaker, bass reflex system, tall boy type, anti-magnetic design, frequency band 40Hz to 20kHz crossover 3kHz sound pressure level 90dB 4Ω W240 × H900 × D370mm 29.5kg/book
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