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STEREO SOUND NO.058 1981 SPRING/ステレオサウンド 58号
Price: JPY 1,818
Arrival: 2020-07-08 13:23:51

Debut B5.2Germany

Ask 22-36105-41689-00
Debut B5.2
Original price: JPY 55,000
Price: JPY 20,727(pair)
Germany 2018 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-07-09 20:09:04
The price has been reduced. 2022/7/9 selling price 24,800 yen* It is cheap because there is a feeling of use such as peeling or peeling of the decorative board. Speaker DEBUT speaker by Andrew Jones, who has been involved in speaker development for TAD and KEF. It is an impressive one with sharp low frequencies and high frequencies with high directivity. The feeling of use can be seen, such as the appearance, scratches, peeling of the decorative plate, etc. Serial 32000E030559 32000E030560 (Hitoshi Kobayashi) Maintenance information: 2022.7.8 Sound output confirmed Accessories: instruction manual, original box Main specifications: Frequency characteristics 46Hz to 35000Hz Impedance 6Ω Efficiency 86dB Crossover frequency 2200Hz W180×H341×D234mm 5.9kg

Reference Model 2UK

Ask 22-34375-29358-00
Reference Model 2
Original price: JPY 360,000
Price: JPY 68,000(pair)
UK 1995 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-02-07 20:12:54
The price has been reduced. 2022/2/7 selling price 99,800 yen* It is cheap because it is in poor condition. A KEF speaker that allows you to feel the unique warmth of human skin. The sense of range from low to high frequencies is wider than imagined, and while the sound extends smoothly, the sense of temperature is solid, and it is a high-quality speaker with no inorganic qualities. There is damage such as peeling of veneers and bruises. Serial 3317A 3317B (Hiura Katsuji) Maintenance information: 2022.2.7 Operation confirmed Accessories: saran net Main specifications: 3-way 3 speaker TCC system tallboy type anti-magnetic design 4Ω W230 × H1014 × D372 mm Weight 25kg/unit


Ask 22-36264-42989-00
Original price: JPY 304,200
Price: JPY 81,636(pair)
UK 2003 made
Arrival: 2022-07-23 19:28:31
The disposal price has been reduced! (Member discounts are not applicable) 2022/7/23 Sales price 128,000 yen Dedicated stand (list price 70,200 yen) included! A 3-way speaker that combines a tweeter with a coaxial 2-way unit. It plays a smooth, fresh sound. Since it covers ultra-high frequency playback up to 55 kHz, it also covers SACD and high-resolution sound sources well. As for the exterior, there are line scratches, dirt, and stain marks on the stand. Also, the saran net dowel is broken in one place. Serial 188603F/188604F (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance Info: 2022.7.23 Sweep Test Good Accessories: Dedicated stand*The spike on the stand is out of stock. Main specifications: 3-way bass reflex 60Hz to 55kHz 89dB 8Ω anti-magnetic body W231 × H374 × D302 mm 9.2 kg stand W280 × H625 × D365 mm


Ask 22-89022-40524-00
MODEL 101/3
Price: JPY 27,091(pair)
UK 1988 made
Arrival: 2022-06-22 19:53:26
The disposal price has been reduced! (Member discounts are not applicable) 2022/6/22 selling price 49,800 yen This is a small bookshelf speaker from the reference series. Equipped with a UNI-Q driver, you can listen to a creepy sound with a solid localization. The exterior has small scratches, dirt, and turns on the saran net. Serial 3195A/3195B (Miura Kimiya) Maintenance information: 2022.4.6 Operation confirmed Accessories: saran net, jumper Main specifications: Coaxial 2-way bass reflex type frequency characteristic 60Hz to 20kHz efficiency 87dB impedance 4Ω size W215 × H330 × D262 mm weight 6.3 kg
5 results
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