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Ask 20-00200-42179-00
Original price: JPY 230,000
Price: JPY 161,818
UK 1967 made
Arrival: 2021-08-14 12:18:27
It is a set of QUAD first transistor preamp 33 and power amplifier QUAD303. Both are well maintained such as capacitor replacement. The warranty is also 2 years so you can use it with confidence so you can use it for a long time. Warm and thick sound that I can't think 40 years have passed since manufacturing. It goes well with European speakers, and you can enjoy luster and sex tones. The appearance has a feeling of aging such as floating rust, scratches, dullness, etc. (Asai no chi law) Maintenance Information: (QUAD33) 2019.8.19 Maintained (Break down the bad contact of the push switch, cleaning and polishing contacts, replace the deterioration of the coupling capacitor in each amplification stage, balanced Disassembly and cleaning of the volume, applying contact grease, and attached connection DIN connector (DIN5 pin to RCA female) fixed one connection failure. (QUAD303) 2014.11.27 Maintained (Input VR, RCA Terminal Mount Capacitor Degradation Replacement, Resistor Degradation Exchange AC Code Installation) Accessories: Power cable connection cable manual copy Main specifications: (QUAD33) Phono 1 line system 3 system dimensions W260 × H92 × D165mm weight 3kg (QUAD303) 45W+45W Dimensions W120 x H159 x D324mm Weight 8.2kg


Ask 20-00200-39644-00
Original price: JPY 396,000
Price: JPY 180,000
UK 1975 made
Arrival: 2020-11-13 19:35:26
It is a set of famous equipment QUAD44 preamp and QUAD405 power amplifier of yesteryear. Both are well maintained such as capacitor replacement. The warranty is also 2 years so you can use it with confidence so you can use it for a long time. Please enjoy the English quaord sound with a slightly narrow range but a strong tone, and a sense of stability to the middle and low range. The appearance has lines, abrasions, bruises and dullness. Serial 18572/7307 (YONEJIMA Satoshi) Maintenance Information: [44] 2020.6.9 Maintained (All the mother, flat substrate was resoldered. Treble, Bass, Balanced Cleansing Check the input/output waveform, check the left and right balance, and perform a comprehensive operation test by connecting a power amplifier to confirm that it works normally. ※ Even if you squeeze the volume in the initial model of this unit, it will leak a little sound, but it is not a fault. [405] 2019.9.24 Maintenance (Electrolytic capacitor replacement of voltage amplification part. Cleaning the input DIN terminal and checking the input. Full power output check. Rubber leg replacement (Expansion of RCA input terminal) Accessories: Manual copy, power cable Main specifications: (QUAD44) LINE input 2 systems PHONO input 1 phono sensitivity 1m/3m/10mV switch W321×H103 × D203mm 4.0kg (QUAD405) 100W +100W Current Damping System Frequency Characteristics 20-20kHz W341 × H115 × D195mm 9kg
2 results
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