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This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-32649-17582-00
Manufacture:Acoustic Energy
Original price: JPY 498,000
Price: JPY 116,364(pair)Sold Out
UK 2004 made
Arrival: 2021-10-26 20:12:38
The disposal price has been reduced. Member discounts are not applicable. 2021/10/26 Sales price 178,000 yen. * It is inexpensive because there are noticeable dents on the cone paper. Comes with a dedicated stand A rare small high-density speaker. A model that looks and sounds with a piano finish. It plays a rich mid/low range, a sense of scale, and a delicate sound that is crisp. Appearance has line scratches and paint bald. Serial 10300873 10300874 (Hirotsugu Kondo) Maintenance Information: 2021.10.3 Maintenance completed (center out assembly, put a sine wave to confirm the disappearance of chit-distortion) Accessories: Stand, 2 types of spikes, spike holder, cover Main specifications: Ultra-compact reference grade monitor speaker 2-way frequency characteristics 5Hz-20kHz sensitivity 87dB W185 × H310 × D250mm mass 1 piece 11 kg/book Stand part: W220 × H600 × D260mm 1 book 24Kg


Ask 21-32971-19660-00
Original price: JPY 880,000
Price: JPY 361,818(pair)
U.S.A 1994 made
Arrival: 2021-11-21 20:07:01
With a dedicated stand ST/AE2-A! A masterpiece speaker by Phil Jones. In addition to the sense of scale and sound that is hard to imagine from the size, the outstanding sense of speed and high resolution are attractive. It is recommended to combine it with an amplifier with drive power. The whole appearance is dull and there are small scratches. ※ There is no manufacturer logo on one side of the top plate. Serial 201367/20368 (Satoshi Yoneshima) Maintenance information: 2021.11.21 Maintained (replaced with woofer dedicated rubber edge.) Accessories: stand Main specifications: Impedance 6Ω output sound pressure level 91dB size body W235 × H385 × D317mm 21.5kg Stand total height 635mm top plate W230 × D310mm bottom plate W320 × 430mm 27kg


Ask 21-32947-19445-00
Manufacture:Acoustic Energy
Original price: JPY 650,000
Price: JPY 220,909
UK 1990 made
Arrival: 2021-10-21 20:12:04
We have reduced the disposal price! (Member discounts are not applicable) 2021/10/21 selling price 348,000 yen* It is cheap because there is a rack in the cabinet. With dedicated stand ST/AE2-A! Phil Jones's masterpiece and prestigious gem. A product that was a big hit with its excellent sound that makes you feel the high level of musicality even though it has a high resolution wide range. The combination of high-end amplifiers further demonstrates its true value. The three-dimensional sound field that makes the stage appear in front of you is truly remarkable. Appearance has repair marks and cabinets with a rack. Serial 02002272/02002276 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance information: 2021.10.21 Maintained (Woofer detachment: Remove mounting screws, remove the woofer by soldering. Woofer edge repair Woofer frame painting: matte black paint on the frame Edge Replacement: Replace with Rubber Edge (Operation check) Accessories: catalogs, spikes, saran nets Main specifications: AE2:2 way 3 speakers 5.5Ω 91dB W235 × H385 ✕ D330mm 15kg Stand: Top plate W227 × D307mm H644mm pedestal W319 × D426mm 25.6kg
3 results
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