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Japan 2014 made
Arrival: 2022-05-21 20:07:08
A premain amplifier that introduced the technology of 1-bit amplifiers in total. A 1-bit amplifier converts an analog signal into a DSD signal and becomes a digital amplifier that amplifies the DSD signal as it is. Although it is a special amplifier, its accuracy and large amount of information are what sets it apart from poor analog amplifiers and digital amplifiers of PWM. Serial OB5081 (Mizushima Itsuro) Maintenance Information: 2022.5.21 Operation confirmed Accessories: instruction manual, power cable, original box Main specifications: Maximum output 17W+17W (8Ω), 25W+25W (4Ω) Total harmonic distortion ratio (H mode) 0.05% (1kHz, 1W output) Sampling 12MHz Input sensitivity RCA: 0.4V , XLR: 0.8V total gain (4Ω load) RCA: 29dB XLR: 23dB Dynamic range 100dB Frequency characteristic 5Hz to 70kHz (±1dB) Power supply voltage AC100V 50Hz/60Hz Power Consumption 25W Size W420H80D360 Weight 10kg
1 results
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