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Ask 20-26791-40253-00
Price: JPY 63,455
Arrival: 2021-09-30 19:54:35
The disposal price has been reduced! (Members are not eligible for discounts) 2021/9/30 Sales price 89,800 yen Maintained! 240V specification, but with conversion transformer that can be used at 100V. SUMO control amplifiers hosted by James Bongiorno, the genius of amplifier design. Compared to the amplifiers of the GAS era, the sound was cleaner, but the resilient low-frequency bounce is alive and well. Using toroidal transformers and high-grade parts, it is one that makes you feel particular. As for the appearance, there are rubbing scratches and line scratches on the top plate. Serial HG620215 (Satoshi Yoneshima) Maintenance information: 2021.9.30 Maintained (Only the tip of the middle hole of the balance VR is slightly enlarged, and the processing to avoid interference with the center axis processed by adding (eccentricity is not cured) original 240V Return to specifications, compatible with 100V → 230V conversion module) 2020.4.22 Maintenance completed (LED replacement, resistor exchange, bypass switch soldered) Accessories: Conversion transformer (240V-100V) Main specifications: Input 6 systems PRE OUT terminal 2 systems W480 × H40 × D220mm Weight 8.0kg
STEREO SOUND NO.051 1979 SUMMER/ステレオサウンド 51号
Price: JPY 2,455
Arrival: 2021-06-13 13:01:06
*Shipping service Issue 51 Special Feature = 79 Best Buy Components of Critics and Readers/Continue/Gomi Audio Pilgrimage/JBL4343/Published by 1979.7.15. Model posted: PIONEER/S-100 VICTOR/S-W300, CF-300SEA AUDIO STATIC/ES240 HECO/PROFESSIONAL450, PROFESSIONAL550, PROFESSIONAL650 JORDAN WATTS/DOUBLE QUBIQUE MCINTOSH/XR6 Shahinian Acoustic/Obelisk SONY/TA-F40 PIONEERF-D7 ONKYO/TX-55 threshold/SL10 ELECTRONIC CROSSOVER NETWORK/SYMMY ACS1, SUMO THE MOAT MICRO/DQ-7 SANSUI/FR-Q5, FE-D4K TECHNICS/SL-Q3, SL-Q2 VICTOR/QL-F5 TECHNICS/205CMK3, U205CMK3,207 Mecano Electronic/A-ONE TECHNICS/EPA-500, SL- 1015
2 results
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