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Model 7TU.S.A

Ask 21-33128-20809-00
Model 7T
Original price: JPY 160,000
Price: JPY 161,818
U.S.A 1961 made
Arrival: 2021-10-17 20:04:27


Ask 21-33128-20808-00
Original price: JPY 260,000
Price: JPY 90,727(pair)
Japan 1994 made
Arrival: 2021-10-17 20:04:20


Ask 21-33131-20819-00
Original price: JPY 28,000
Price: JPY 11,636
Japan 2005 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-10-17 20:00:41


Ask 21-33090-20509-00
Original price: JPY 150,000
Price: JPY 69,818
Japan 2006 made
Arrival: 2021-10-17 20:00:18


Ask 21-33133-20825-00
Original price: JPY 300,000
Price: JPY 216,364
Japan 2018 made
Arrival: 2021-10-17 19:51:30

model P3600U.S.A

Ask 21-31661-10509-00
model P3600
Original price: JPY 290,000
Price: JPY 86,182
U.S.A 1976 made
Arrival: 2021-06-04 19:31:24


Ask 21-33055-20217-00
Original price: JPY 39,800
Price: JPY 9,091
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-10-16 20:00:52
* Sound is OK, but there is a gully in the source direct switch and Laodoness switch. Low price and high quality model! We strive to be simple and achieve high quality while being an introductory machine. The drive capability is high, and the sound is sharp and deep. It also comes with a pre-out, so it's convenient when you want to use separate (Yasuhito Koshihama) Maintenance information: 2021.10.16 Store operation confirmed (sound is OK, remote control OK, loudness, large gully in source direct) Accessories: remote control, power cable Main specifications: Rated output 50W+50W (8Ω) with PHONO input (MM) Dimensions W440 × H124 × D340mm Weight 7.5 kg


Ask 21-32422-16029-00
Original price: JPY 33,333
Price: JPY 16,182
Japan 2010 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-10-16 20:00:36
※ Because the remote control is not genuine, standby ON/OFF can not be done. It is possible to adjust the volume and switch input. Although it is an entry class, it is also equipped with phonoico, and is recommended for beginners in audio. It has a sophisticated tone that seems to be a modern machine that is clear and clean, and the stylish design is also attractive. The appearance has small scratches and dullness. Scratches on the top plate and oxidation are seen on the terminals (Yukishi Fujisawa) Maintenance information: 2021.10.16 operation confirmed Accessories: remote control, power cord Main specifications: 40W+40W (8Ω) Line input 3 systems phono (MM) 1 system tape system 2 systems Source direct function W440 × H105 × D370mm 6.7kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-33010-19869-00
Original price: JPY 66,000
Price: JPY 22,545 Sold Out
Japan 2014 made
Arrival: 2021-10-14 19:47:52
It is a CD receiver that supports Wi-Fi, AirPlay, and even high-resolution sound sources. It also has a built-in tuner, and you can build a casual mini-compo system by adding speakers. The appearance has dullness, scratches, and line scratches. Serial 660015200009860 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance information: 2021.10.14 operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control, AM/FM antenna, original box Main specifications: MP3, WMA, AAC, 192kHz/24bitFlac, WAV, 96kHz/24bitAppleLossless compatible RCA input x 2, RCA output x 1, Speaker output × 2ch, optical digital input × 1, headphone output × 1, network terminal × 1, FM antenna input × 1, USB input × 2, subwoofer pre-out × 1 W292 × H112 × D303mm 3.4kg

PM-12 OSEJapan

This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-33072-20319-00
Original price: JPY 350,000
Price: JPY 225,455 Sold Out
Japan 2020 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-10-14 20:00:52
Manufacturer's warranty is available until April 3, 2023! The current Primaine of Marantz, which bears the name of the Original Special Edition. While inheriting the current feedback type preamplifier+switching power amplifier configuration of the flagship model PM-10, it achieves a reasonable price. It is packed with the company's likeness that prioritizes sound quality, such as the adoption of a copper-plated chassis and machined aluminum insulator. It is a good product with less feeling of use (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2021.10.14 operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control, instruction manual, power cord, original box Main specifications: 100W+100W (8Ω) PHONO (MM/MC) W440 × H127 × D453mm 15.7kg


Ask 21-33095-20566-00
Original price: JPY 108,000
Price: JPY 45,273
Japan 2014 made
Arrival: 2021-10-14 19:49:31
Marantz's first DSD compatible USB-DAC/headphone amplifier In the USB DAC section, a digital isolation system is introduced to the front of the DAC that eliminates adverse effects such as high-frequency noise flowing in from a USB-connected PC, and allows you to hear high freshness sound . The appearance has dullness and small scratches. Serial 66001437000072 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance information: 2021.10.14 operation confirmed Accessories: remote control, instruction manual, power cord, connection cable Main specifications: PCM data can be played back to 192KHz/24bit, DSD up to 5.6MHz Native playback of DSD by ASIO 2.1, also supports DOP playback. WASAPI is also supported. The file format supports MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV. MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV files saved on a USB memory can also be played. W250×H90×D270mm 5kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-33006-19832-00
Original price: JPY 300,000
Price: JPY 134,545 Sold Out
Japan 2018 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-10-05 19:54:56
The disposal price was reduced. It will not be applicable for member discounts. 2021/10/5 Selling price 208,000 yen A new model with a power amplifier circuit that occupied a large space in conventional analog amplifiers, and a heat sink that were miniaturized and reborn slimmer. Significantly improved resolution and clarity of audio signals, PHONO1 system with MM/MC support, and POWER AMP IN to bypass the pre. There are slight line scratches on the center left of the front panel and the input selector (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2021.10.5 sound confirmed Accessories: Remote control, instruction manual, power cord, original box Main specifications: 200W+200W (4Ω) 100W+100W (8Ω) Damping factor 500 (8Ω) W440 × H123 × D453mm 15.3kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-32903-19175-00
Original price: JPY 32,500
Price: JPY 14,545 Sold Out
Japan 2020 made
Arrival: 2021-10-09 20:10:06
I cut the price. 2021/10/9 Sales price 18,000 yen* Current sales goods. It is an entry-class but delicate, clear, and cost-effective amplifier. A fully discrete current feedback amplifier circuit is adopted for the preamplifier. The goodness of SNS beyond the price shines. Serial AEW27201011736 (Hirotsugu Kondo) Maintenance information: 2021.10.9 operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control, instruction manual, power cord, original box Main specifications: 40W+40W (8Ω) 55W+55W (4Ω) Dimensions W440×H105×D370mm Weight 6.7kg


Ask 21-31473-09212-00
Original price: JPY 138,000
Price: JPY 18,000
Japan 2002 made
Arrival: 2021-10-12 19:56:27
* The video is unchecked, so it will be handed over as it is. It is a universal player with high cost performance and excellent usability. It also demonstrates high performance as a CD player, and pure audiophiles can enjoy sound quality that is convincing. CD/Sacd/DVDAudio/DVDVideo/MP3 is supported, so you can enjoy quite a variety of software with this one. As for the appearance, insulator marks, hit scratches, and scratches are noticeable. Serial (Kimiya Miura) Maintenance information: 2021.10.12 Sound operation confirmed (video unchecked) Accessories: remote control, power cable Main specifications: Cirrus Logic CS4392 is installed on all channels of the D/A converter 440mm × 89mm × 307mm 6.1kg


Ask 21-32608-17315-00
Original price: JPY 75,000
Price: JPY 36,182
Japan 1993 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-09-02 20:17:36
Maintained! The successor to the PM-80. By using MOS-FET, there is a gloss in the middle range and creates a unique world view. The plump and thick sound during Class A operation is unrivalled so you can relax and immerse yourself in music. There are small scratches, dullness. (Yukishi Fujisawa) Maintenance information: 2015.2.28Maintained (8 speaker terminals are installed after processing commercially available products. Main amplifier output relay contact defective replacement. (Soldering correction for degradation of soldering in each circuit board) Accessories: none Main specifications: MOS-FET use AB class switchable Class A (20W+20W) AB class time (100W+100W) PHONO input (MC/MM switching) W454 × H165 × D380mm 17.5kg


Ask 21-32014-13085-00
Original price: JPY 110,000
Price: JPY 40,909
Japan 1997 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-10-11 19:11:43
Manufacturer maintained Marantz's blockbuster Primaine has an impressive slim body and traditional round window meter. A pleasant sound where you can feel a little body temperature while drawing the music part separately. Although it is thin, it is also attractive with full functionality such as the phono section and pre-power separable for MM/MC. There is an overall feeling of use such as dullness and stains (Tetsuji Oikawa) Maintenance information: 2021.10.11 Manufacturer maintained (replacement for volume failure, replacement for source direct switch contact failure) Protection circuit relay contact failure exchange Replaced the Rch HDMA unit semi-fixed VR due to defective. Printed circuit board solder correction, other inspection Accessories: remote control, copy of instruction manual, power cable Main specifications: 60W+60W PHONO (MM/MC switching) W458 × H110 × D429mm 16kg

model 3300U.S.A

Ask 21-31624-10296-00
model 3300
Original price: JPY 225,000
Price: JPY 81,636
U.S.A 1972 made
Arrival: 2021-06-19 19:51:18
We have reduced the disposal price! (Member discount will not be applied) 2021/6/19 selling price 138,000 yen maintained! It is a model designed by US Marantz and manufactured in Japan. It develops an American sound with a dry air feeling and a strong push. The design is also a vintage control amplifier that makes you feel the taste unique to the 70s. * The cabinet will be made by myself. The appearance has scratches on the cabinet, uneven paint, and dullness throughout. TAPE1 cannot be used due to non-repairability. Serial 2579 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance Information: 2021.6.19 Maintained (Power Supply, Phono, LINE stage capacitor replacement, pin jack cleaning, each SW, Vol cleaning. Lamp replacement, operation check (* TAPE1's push SW snag is sweet, but it cannot be corrected due to bad dismantling and cannot be used) Accessories: No accessories Main specifications: Line input 5 systems phono (MM) 2 systems pre-out 1 system W391 × H146 × D222mm 7.3kg

Model 1070U.S.A

Ask 21-32632-17463-00
Model 1070
Original price: JPY 69,800
Price: JPY 54,364
U.S.A 1976 made
Arrival: 2021-09-24 19:57:20
We have drastically reduced the price! 2021/9/24 Selling price 69,800 yen Maintained! Primain in the US Marantz period. It has a dry American sound reminiscent of the West Coast, and is compatible with American speakers such as JBL. It is a vintage sound that is completely different from modern Marantz, such as the solid sound of wood bass and the vocal appeal. The exterior is painted cabinets. There are also insulator marks. Serial 92847 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance information: 2021.9.24 Maintained (pin jack jumper processing with main INPUT switch in rear panel) 2019.8.24 Maintained (internal oars dismantling check. Power Tr, in pre-section, coupling capacitor and bypass capacitor conversion. (Each Vol/SW all cleaning-operation check) Accessories: No accessories Main specifications: 35W+35W (8Ω) 3-stage tone control PHONO input (MM) W360 × H120 × D280 mm 8.4kg


Ask 21-33006-19829-00
Original price: JPY 50,000
Price: JPY 36,182
Japan 2020 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-10-06 19:59:31
2020 Marantz CD player Equipped with a digital filter switching function, you can switch between Filter 1 (Slow Roll Off) and Filter 2 (Sharp Roll Off) according to the song you want to play and your preference. There is a small dent on the front panel (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2021.10.6 operation confirmed Accessories: remote control, power cord, original box Main specifications: Audio output terminal, analog unbalance × 1, coaxial digital × 1, optical digital × 1, headphone × 1 Other input/output terminal, USB (front) × 1, Marantz remote bus (RC-5) input/output ×1 W440×H105×D341mm 6.5kg


Ask 21-32713-18010-00
Original price: JPY 45,000
Price: JPY 16,182
Japan 2009 made
Arrival: 2021-09-14 20:03:41
We have cut the price! 2021/9/14 selling price 19,800 yen* Current sales goods. The carousel type 5-disc CD changer has been renewed by adopting the M-1 design. It is equipped with a variety of playback modes, such as program playback that allows you to freely select up to 50 songs from 5 discs, random playback and repeat playback from 5 discs. The appearance is dull. Serial MZ001148001246 (Kimiya Miura) Maintenance information: 2021.9.14 operation confirmed Accessories: remote control, instruction manual, power cable Main specifications: 5 disc CD changer MP3, WMA file playback, CD-R/RW playback compatible W440 × H116 × D406mm 7kg


Ask 21-31674-10636-00
Original price: JPY 38,000
Price: JPY 13,636
Japan 1991 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-07-02 19:46:37
※ Current sale item. With natural and clear sound quality, you won't feel tired of listening. Dual gate MOS FET is adopted on the front end, and the IF stage is equipped with two stage switching functions: Wide and Narrow. Preset up to 20 stations and can be selected with one touch (Shota Sasaki) Maintenance Information: 2021.7.2 Operation confirmed Accessories: none Main specifications: AM/FM stereo tuner digital synthesizer tuner 20 stations preset FM part reception frequency range 76MHz to 90MHz AM section reception frequency range 531KHz- 1602KHz FM antenna terminals × 2 system AM × 1 system W454 × H104 × D353mm 6.4kg
STEREO SOUND NO.061 1982 WINTER/ステレオサウンド 61号
Price: JPY 1,818
Arrival: 2021-06-14 16:19:27
*Shipping service 15th anniversary special feature = European sound/Professional sound making = Tatsuo Nagashima/JBL new monitor 4435・4430 details/Altec 604 research/New QUAD-ESL63 thorough dissection/ 1982.1.15 Published/Published Model: JBL/4435,4430 TECHNICS/MONITER1 VICTOR/ZERO-1000 BOSE/601 2 ELECTRO- VOICE/REGENCY3 ONKYO/SCEPTER 300 KRELL/PAM-2, KSA-100 Marantz/SS1000, Sm700 MARK LEVINSONML- 10L, ML-9 YAMAHA/C-70, B-70 LUXMAN/L-550 ELECTRO-VOICE/BARONET TANNOY/ARUNDEL, BALMORAL YAMAHA/NS-600 Accuphaze/301 aurex/SB-λ70C DENON/PMA-770 MARANTZ/PM-6A ONKYO/INTEGRA A- 820GT TECHNICS/SU-V9 ESPRIT/TA-N901 ONKYO/INTEGRA P-306R, INTEGRA M-506R TECHNICS/SU-8, SE- A7 MIICRO/SX-777 ONKYO/PX-100M VICTOR/QL-A75, QLY77F DENON/DL-207 Fidelity Research/PmC-3 RUXMAN/LMC-1 SONY/XL-50 YAMAHA/MC-3 THORENS/MCH-1, MCH63 ORTOFON/SPU-GOLD GE
STEREO SOUND NO.054 1980 SPRING/ステレオサウンド 54号
Price: JPY 1,818
Arrival: 2020-07-05 13:24:07
※Shipping service No.54 Special Feature = Choose the best speaker ・Latest 45 models test/TeleFunken Super Recorder /dbx Research/4343 Mania Visit Model: JBL/4343BWX,433B , L110A ELECTRO VOICE/INTERFACE: C2 KEF/MODEL101, MODEL303, MODEL304 DENON/SC-304 ONKYO/M88 PIONEER/S-180A SONY/SS-G5A BEVERAGE/RM-1/RM-2 MICHAELSON&AUSTIN/M-200 GL50A GRANT LUMLEY/ GL50A GAS/THEADRA2B, GAS500B AMPZILLA MARANTZ/SC-6, SM-6, PM-5 LUXMAN/L-48A MICRO/RX- 3000, RY-3300 FR/FR-2 PICKRING/XSV/4000 GULDRING/G900/IGC SHURE/V15TYPE3-HE LINN/MC Issued by CARTRIDGE SYSTEM NAKAMICHI/NAKAMICHI 680ZX LO-D/D-3300M/S55.4.15


Ask 20-28161-29503-00
Price: JPY 7,273
Arrival: 2020-07-06 17:30:35

MJ-無線と実験- 1985年02月号

MJ-無線と実験- 1985年02月号
Price: JPY 727
Arrival: 2020-08-14 13:11:27
STEREO SOUND NO.071 1984 SUMMER/ステレオサウンド 71号
Price: JPY 1,182
Arrival: 2020-07-18 15:26:48
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