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Manufacture:Mark Levinson
Original price: JPY 135,000
Price: JPY 143,636
U.S.A 1975 made
Arrival: 2023-06-24 20:11:46
The disposal price has been reduced (member prices are not applicable) 2023/6/24 sales price 178,000 yen Maintenance has been carried out and deteriorated capacitors etc. have been replaced! A newly created power supply is included. Genuine RF MC cartridge head amplifier The RCA terminal specification makes it easy to use, and has a separate power supply structure. The delicate, clear, and powerful sound is attractive (Daiki Goto) Maintenance information: 2023.6.24 maintained (new power supply manufactured because the power module is defective but cannot be repaired, all deteriorated capacitors replaced, pin jack deterioration replaced, gain changeover switch replaced due to poor contact, each gain readjusted, operation inspected, (there are no current problems with the module) Accessories: copy of instruction manual Main specifications: Gain can be adjusted in 3 levels; input impedance can be used up to 45 ohms W175 x H60 x D210 mm 1.4 kg
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