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Ask 21-30809-04701-00
Original price: JPY 110,000
Price: JPY 54,364
Japan 1989 made
Arrival: 2021-04-16 20:06:27
Maintenanced・Remote control included! The top cassette deck of the EX series was developed to commemorate the production of 6 million cassette decks. Super GX head adopted LC-OFC class 1 material (Qantam) for the recording and playback head. Gx is the acronym of Glass (Glass) & X'tal (Crystal). The core uses ferrite with high hardness and excellent magnetic properties, and the surrounding head gap has the same hardness as ferrite The structure is filled with glass. Serial JP17363 (Takasaki Takasaki) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.16 Maintenance (replacement for mechanical drive belt deterioration and replacement for capstan belt deterioration, replacement for idler rubber degradation deformation, PLAY Torque: 35 -40g, FF-REW torque; 80-100g, replacement for back tension putt deterioration; BACK tension; 15g, door mechanical gear cleaning and grease application, head base mechanical part Good cleaning and grease application, playback level and recording level check and adjustment, recording and playback test. Good Dolby Recording, Good Bias and Recording Level Calibration Operation Test Timer operation confirmed, Reference: Playback W&F (WTD): 0.035%) Accessories: remote control, explanation Main Specifications: 3-Head High Precision DD Transport Mechanism Equipped with Super GX Head with Dolby HX-Pro Frequency Characteristics 15-22,000 Hz (Metal Tape) W460 × H155× D350mm 10.4kg
1 results
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