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Japan 1990 made
Arrival: 2022-08-18 20:05:12
Maintenance has been completed in 2022/5! Comes with a remote control. A blockbuster cassette deck that will be the final flagship of A&D. It is packed with insistence such as the super GX head that is resistant to wear that the company (Akai) is proud of, the adoption of GXISM, LC-OFC Class1 material for the head winding, and the copper-plated chassis. The appearance has dullness and scratches. Serial JP12600 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance information: 2022.5.10 Maintained (left and right reel stand peripheral mechanism, pinch roller arm detachment cleaning and pinch roller left and right replacement, playback tape running path adjustment, head tilt (horse mackerel Mass angle) adjustment. Mechanically assisted gear cleaning and grease up, mechanical drive belt replacement. Fly wheel cleaning and capstan shaft oil application, capstan belt replacement, capstan shaft oil stop washer added. Reel base rotating photocoupler sensor cleaning Trap adjustment in the playback amplifier. Playback equalizer and playback level adjustment. Recording level and recording bias, calibration adjustment, cleaning of headphone volume contacts. Cassette Half Holder Presser Cushion Resin Spring Pressure Compensation Recording tests on various tapes. Timer operation (playback, recording) confirmation) Accessories: remote control Main specifications: 3 head frequency characteristics 15Hz to 23kHz W451 × H154 × D350mm 10.4 kg


Ask 22-36528-45275-00
Original price: JPY 89,800
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Japan 1984 made
Arrival: 2022-08-18 20:05:35
Maintenance has been completed in 2022 March! Pioneer 3 head cassette deck The SN is also good, and it is one where you can feel the high operability. It has an analog sound typical of a cassette, and the clear and gentle sound is impressive. The exterior has line scratches and a rust float on the back. Serial FC0103896 (Eiji Tamura) Maintenance information: 2022.3.24 Maintenance completed (cleaning the drive mechanism and the periphery of the pulley due to poor drive belt, belt installation replacement, and grease up the drive cam gear part. Head base cleaning and grease up Replacement due to deterioration of left and right pinch rollers, tape path adjustment. Capstan belt, closed loop fly wheel belt welding, fly wheel cleaning, 2 belts replaced and installed, motor speed adjustment (within 3000 Hz ± 0.5% with reference tape) . Replaced due to deterioration of the reel drive idler, and improved reel drive torque. Playback recording head angle adjustment, playback level check adjustment and recording bias and recording level check adjustment, recording playback test with various tapes is good. *The playback level of this set is adjusted at 160 nWb/m for the level meter 0Vu. (When the level meter is set to 0VU, the LINE output when the output volume is maximized is about 420 mV). Check the solder condition of the substrate printed pattern surface and add solder treatment. Recording level adjustment volume and output level adjustment volume cleaning. (Dolby operation test good, MUSIC SERCH (MS operation) operation test good) Accessories: No accessories Main Specifications: 3-Head Reference Master Deck 2-Channel Stereo Combination Type (Ribbon Sendust Head/Playback Head) Ferrite Erasure Head Metal Tape 25Hz to 21kHz (-20dB recording) Chrome tape 25Hz to 20kHz normal tape 30Hz to 20kHz W457 × H131 × D374 mm 9.0 kg
2 results
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