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Original price: JPY 154,000
Price: JPY 45,273
U.S.A 1978 made
Arrival: 2021-12-30 20:03:19
The price has been drastically reduced! 2021/12/30 sales price 59,800 yen Maintained! Channel divider for 2WAY equipped with a crossover 250Hz board recommended for JBL4350 and 4343. Replaced with RCA terminals for ease of use. The tight low range and the mid and high range, which are expressed as clear contours, are attractive. It is recommended for those who are thinking of using multiple amplifiers. There are appearance, abrasions and scratches. Serial 3601 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance information: 2021.12.30 Maintained (ATT disassembly contact cleaning crossover frequency is measured 250Hz -12dB/Oct. Frequency characteristics check Capacitors check → They have been replaced and are good. (Replace input/output terminals with RCA terminals; interior and exterior cleaning) Accessories: No accessories Key Specifications: Attenuation Characteristics 12dB/Oct Total Harmonic Distortion Ratio 0.5% (20Hz to 20kHz) Frequency Characteristics 20Hz to 20KHz SN Ratio 90dB Gain 0dB (Using Pass Board) Input Impedance 50kΩ · Output impedance 47Ω W483×H44×D194mm 1.8kg


Ask 22-34069-27135-00
Original price: JPY 140,000
Price: JPY 58,909
Japan 1976 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-01-19 20:07:27
* It has been changed to 3P inlet specifications. 2-way specification with 500Hz/2way board! Channel divider for AccuPhase 2way/3way You can change the crossover by replacing the board. It is one of the few channel dividers that allows you to enjoy a multi-system while leaving an analog feel (Fujisawa Yukishi) Maintenance information: 2022.1.19 operation confirmed Accessories: Copy of instruction manual, power cord Main specifications: 2way/3way divider frequency fixed type W445 × H109 × D373mm 9.1kg


Ask 21-33922-26091-00
Original price: JPY 260,000
Price: JPY 90,727
Japan 1997 made
Arrival: 2021-12-28 20:17:10
The disposal price was lowered. It is not applicable for member discounts. 2021/12/28 selling price 148,000 yen crossover 650Hz F-20M. It is a dedicated model for 2-way drive of JBL's M9500 and Project K2 S9500/S7500. It is equipped with a dedicated filter amplifier circuit and a dedicated frequency board FB-650M, and the filter characteristics equivalent to that of the speaker LC network are obtained. * The appearance is the same as the F-20, but the slope changeover switch is fixed to -18 dB/OCT. Serial A9Y302 (Itsuro Mizushima) Maintenance information: 2021.12.28 operation confirmed Accessories: copy of instruction manual, power cable Main specifications: Crossover 650Hz W475 × H150 × D395mm Weight 10kg


Ask 21-31533-09617-00
Original price: JPY 160,000
Price: JPY 33,455
U.S.A 1970 made
Arrival: 2021-06-11 18:04:23
The disposal price has been reduced! (Member discounts are not applicable) 2021/6/11 sales price 79,800 yen Although maintenance has been completed, there are times when there are times when Hizumi appears in the VOL of HI PASS Hz CH 1, but this is the current situation It's. Crown's 2-way adjustable channel divider Since all filters can be continuously adjusted from 20Hz to 20kHz, the optimal crossover frequency can be set while producing sound from the speakers. It can be used as a 2-way divider when using stereo, and as a 3-way divider when using mono. There is a feeling of use. Serial 5435 (Takasaki Atsushi) Maintenance information: 2021.6.11 maintenance completed (each SW, VOL cleaning, left and right level difference ±1dB → VOL itself error (please adjust with the input level VOL on the rear panel) HI PASS Hz CH 1 VOL Gari contact failure, there are times when there are times when there is a noise (VOL not available, not available) It is impossible to respond in case of failure in the future) Accessories: English manuscripts, 6 phone jacks Main specifications: Frequency characteristics 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.1dB (flat position, rated output) Filter 18dB/oct (high pass and low pass are separated) SN ratio 113dB (20Hz to 20kHz Impedance unbalance: 0 to 15.5 dB 10 kΩ or 1 mΩ balance 20 kΩ power consumption 2W Dimensions W483 × H90 × D133mm Weight 2.7kg


Ask 20-30125-42934-00
Original price: JPY 140,000
Price: JPY 54,364
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-05-11 20:14:36
The price was reduced. 2021.5.11 sales price 64,800 yen Accuphase channel divider. 2WAY board with 70Hz board It's currently low frequency like a superwoofer crossover. You can change the crossover by replacing the board. It is one of the few channel dividers that allow you to enjoy multi-system with an analog feel. Appearance has small scratches and dullness corresponding to the year (Oikawa Tetsuji) Maintenance Information: 2021.5.11 Maintained (ATT Coupling Condenser Mute Relay Each Degradation Replacement Rubber Foot Mounting Panel End Cap Replacement Installation Solder Crossover characteristics check, each input/output operation check interior and exterior cleaned.) Accessories: Power cable, manual copy Main specifications: 2way · 3way divider frequency fixed W445 × H109 × D373mm 9.1kg
5 results
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