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Ask 24-42890-10822-00
Original price: JPY 140,000
Price: JPY 58,909
Arrival: 2024-05-20 20:06:24
500Hz/2 way board included. Accuphase 2-way/3-way channel divider. You can change the crossover by replacing the board. It is one of the few channel dividers where you can enjoy multiple systems while retaining an analog feel. The appearance is fine, with no noticeable scratches, etc. (Kobayashi Hitoshi) Maintenance information: 2024.5.19 Operation confirmed Accessories: power cable, CB500, CB-2WAY Main specifications: 2 way/3 way divider frequency fixed type W445 x H109 x D373 mm 9.1 kg


Ask 24-42087-04302-00
Original price: JPY 200,000
Price: JPY 180,000
Japan 1981 made
Arrival: 2024-05-18 19:40:07
Maintained. We have everything from modular units 0 to 4! Very easy to use channel divider. It is possible to switch from 2 way to 4 way with a single switch, including switching the crossover frequency. As for the exterior, there is a scratch on the upper front. Serial 200731 (Tamura Eiji) Maintenance information: 2024.5.18 Maintained (ATT disassembly click mechanism reassembly, mute relay replacement, resistor replacement, missing screw added. Solder correction switches, cleaning wire, restyling. Check all crossover units check frequency characteristics) Accessories: instruction manual, modules 0 to 4 Main specifications: 2/3/4 way crossover variable frequency Bessel function filter W480 x H80 x D 400 mm 8.5 kg


Ask 23-40737-22139-00
Manufacture:Mark Levinson
Original price: JPY 1,350,000
Price: JPY 270,909
Arrival: 2024-02-16 20:01:25
The disposal price has been reduced (member prices are not applicable). 2024/2/16 sales price 378,000 yen ※The power supply part has been newly created. Other internally deteriorated parts have been restored! 2-way 100Hz specification An electric crossover coveted by Mark Levinson fans. You can see how well the early Levinson was built can be seen from the feel of the knobs that seem to make you addicted. You can listen closely to Levinson's unique sounds even on Divider. The exterior has scratches on the front top plate and other threads (Mizusaki Ryo) Maintenance information: 2024.2.16 Maintained (*Since there is no power source, new power supply and connection cable were manufactured, noise appears in the LChLow output, transistor defects in the low pass module were replaced, re-encapsulated, readjusted due to left and right level differences, 4 volume contacts were cleaned, specs were inspected, and blocking characteristics were inspected. The crossover is 100Hz) Accessories: Power supply unit (newly created, non-genuine), power cable, copy of instruction manual Main specifications: 2 way (100 Hz specification) closed module type RCA Remo input/output size (main unit) W483 x H51 x D156 mm 2.8 kg size (power supply part) W101 x H101 x D256 mm 2.2 kg
3 results
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