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Ask 21-31673-14995-00
Original price: JPY 99,800
Price: JPY 56,182
Japan 1985 made
Arrival: 2021-07-24 15:18:05
The price was reduced. 2021/7/24 sales price 69,800 yen Maintained! Accuphase FM dedicated tuner As a synthesizer tuner, it has a convincing sound quality that far outperforms tuners in the same price range. In addition to clear sound quality, it is a quality model that combines good sound quality and good reception performance, with a tone that has a tension in the middle range. In appearance, there are scratches and scratches on the surface. Serial G5Y120 (Atsushi Takasaki) Maintenance Information: 2021.7.3 Maintained (Replaced due to bad backup battery. RF check, stereo separation adjustment Disassembly cleaning in panel button. Running reception check) Accessories: none Main specifications: FM dedicated tuner quartz synthesizer system 12 stations random memory tuning W465 × H135 × D340 mm 6.0 kg


Ask 21-32351-15502-00
Price: JPY 116,364
Denmark 1991 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-08-01 18:24:54
MAINTENANCE! I tested it in store but stereo reception is also good! Rare primer FM tuner, genuine Noah The futuristic form is attractive. Appearance has a line scratch on the top plate (Oikawa Tetsuji) Maintenance information: 2021.8.1 Maintained (antenna terminal from PAL to F plug, backup battery replaced, stop sensitivity reset during search, readjustment of detection characteristics) Accessories: power cable Main specifications: W370 × H116 × D416mm 6.9kg (measured)


Ask 21-32157-14189-00
Original price: JPY 21,000
Price: JPY 7,091
Japan 2005 made
Arrival: 2021-07-24 19:25:49
※ Because it is inexpensive, it is currently on sale. ONKYO tuner in compact size. It is convenient for those who can use the timer with the FM/AM tuner equipped with the ACCUCLOCK function built in radio clock. (Depending on the reception situation, the ACCULOCK function may not work.) Appearance may be Rubbed. Serial 1660916197 (YONEJIMA Satoshi) Maintenance information: 2021.7.24 working confirmed Accessories: power cable, antenna Main specifications: FM/AM tuner dimensions W205 × H76 × D279mm Weight 1.7kg


Ask 21-31520-09566-00
Original price: JPY 198,000
Price: JPY 54,364
UK 1982 made
Arrival: 2021-07-21 18:53:40
price cut! 2021/5/9 Sales price 79,800 yen It is a tuner with a good timbre unique to QUAD that plays the input signal from the antenna with a rich musicality. A mellow and good character is a must for those who are set up in QUAD. In appearance, there are dullness and line scratches. Serial 4462 (Miura Kimiya) Maintenance Information: 2021.7.20 Maintained (System Control IC replaced. Receipt check separation check. Running check Antenna conversion plug installed) 2020.11.26 Maintained (Backup battery replacement. Pattern cleaning Resistors, capacitors, diodes, IC socket exchange. Output DIN code creation, switch button, leg cushion installation RF, detection adjustment) Accessories: power cable, connection cable Main specifications: 7 preset digital display dimensions W321×H64 × H207mm Weight 3kg


Ask 21-32105-13722-00
Original price: JPY 27,000
Price: JPY 9,091
Japan 1978 made
Arrival: 2021-07-23 19:43:43
※ Because it is inexpensive, it will be passed as is Baricon FM/AM tuner The reception sensitivity is also good, and the thick and vivid voice characteristic of the barriconic style is attractive. Appearance has dullness due to aging. Serial 12497 (YONEJIMA Satoshi) Maintenance information: 2021.7.23 working confirmed Accessories: no accessories Main specifications: FM muting switch, FM stereo indicator, Rec calibrator W435 × H137 × D340mm 5.7kg


Ask 21-31805-11513-00
Original price: JPY 98,000
Price: JPY 40,727
Japan 1971 made
Arrival: 2021-07-03 20:13:03
price cut! 2021/7/3 sales price 49,800 yen Maintained! Sony's finest 5 baricon FM stereo tuner of the time. Equipped with FET, the high sound elongation is great, and it also combines the thickness unique to the baricon. Retro and simple panel design is also attractive. The appearance has a feeling of use such as small scratches, dullness. Cereal 204217 (Asai no Tomo) Maintenance information: 2021.7.3 Maintained (migration occurred TR replacement front panel esction disassembly dial glass wash light lamp due to running out of lamp change to LED high frequency related Strain priority best adjustment separation adjustment field test physical property test) Accessories: no accessories Main specifications: FM stereo tuner reception frequency 76MHz to 90MHz Frequency characteristics 20Hz to 15kHz antenna terminal 300Ω equilibrium 75Ω imbalance W400 × H145 × D310mm 9.2kg


Ask 21-31674-10636-00
Original price: JPY 38,000
Price: JPY 13,636
Japan 1991 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-07-02 19:46:37
※ Current sale item. With natural and clear sound quality, you won't feel tired of listening. Dual gate MOS FET is adopted on the front end, and the IF stage is equipped with two stage switching functions: Wide and Narrow. Preset up to 20 stations and can be selected with one touch (Shota Sasaki) Maintenance Information: 2021.7.2 Operation confirmed Accessories: none Main specifications: AM/FM stereo tuner digital synthesizer tuner 20 stations preset FM part reception frequency range 76MHz to 90MHz AM section reception frequency range 531KHz- 1602KHz FM antenna terminals × 2 system AM × 1 system W454 × H104 × D353mm 6.4kg


Ask 20-29877-41344-00
Original price: JPY 98,000
Price: JPY 45,273
Japan 1971 made
Arrival: 2021-06-30 19:44:50
Maintained Sony's finest 5 baricon FM stereo tuner of the time. Equipped with FET, the high sound elongation is great, and it also combines the thickness unique to the baricon. Retro and simple panel design is also attractive. dirt scatters Serial 20322 (Itsuro Mizushima) Maintenance information: 2021.6.30 Maintenance completed (thorough cleaning of the exterior, replacement for curing progress by AC code oil contamination, LED lighting lamp, glass scale dial, deteriorated Tr exchange, sound signal system (Coupling capacitor replacement, resetting all high-frequency related with distortion priority, MPX reconditioning) Accessories: none Main specifications: M stereo tuner reception frequency 76MHz to 90MHz Frequency characteristics 20Hz to 15kHz antenna terminal 300Ω equilibrium 75Ω imbalance W400 × H145 × D310mm 9.2kg


Ask 21-31594-10057-00
Original price: JPY 160,000
Price: JPY 72,545
Japan 1984 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-06-25 19:32:51
Synthesizer FM/AM tuna In addition to stable reception performance, the sound quality is clear and thick for easy listening. 7 feather touch buttons are used double, 14 FM and AM stations can be used for random memory on the button of your choice. Equipped with 14 random memory stations. There are scratches and scratches on the top plate (Yosuke Kojima) Maintenance information: 2021.6.25 Maintained (AM loop antenna mounting high-frequency related reconditioning, panel internal escussion cleaning, sensitivity settings to match standard AM loop antennas, (Field test) Accessories: Manual copy Main Specifications: FM/AM Tuner Tuner Tuner Tuning Quartz Synthesizer System 14 stations Random Memory Tuning FM76.0 MHz ~ 90.0MHz S/N90dB AM522KHz 1,611kHz S/N85dB Output Impedance: Fixed Output 200Ω /Adjustable Output 1.25kΩ (Max) W464 × H153 × D395mm 9kg


Ask 21-31723-10955-00
Original price: JPY 54,000
Price: JPY 18,000
Japan 1973 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-06-22 19:43:30
※ FM/AM reception is good, but there is a gully on the back knob. It is currently on sale. The model that becomes a sister machine of the T-300. With its warm appearance, it plays a relaxed sound. Radio playback that is heard in a rich middle range like Luxe is an appeal that can not be tasted digitally. Wood caviar bruises on the front lateral corners, peeled veneer on the lower back, and chipped upper corners. There are small scratches and dullness on the front panel (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2021.6.21 sound confirmed Accessories: power cable Main specifications: 4 series varicon compatible with FM/AM W450 × H160 × D268mm 7.5kg


Ask 19-22967-39762-00
Original price: JPY 382,000
Price: JPY 116,364
U.S.A 1970 made
Arrival: 2019-08-01 20:07:48
Disposal price cut! Member price is not applicable. 2019/8/1 Selling Price 178,000 JPY Japan Band Changed Comes with wood cabinet Mackintosh retro tuner Not only does it match the McKinamp and the design, but also the chunky sound quality is also attractive. It is a fleshy tone that can not be tasted with domestic tuners. The exterior is rusty and there are some bubbles on the front panel. (Yukishi Fujisawa) Maintenance Information: 2019.8.1 Maintenanced (condenser replacement, sensitivity check OK, stereo lamp OK. Because it is 117V specification, lamp etc. will be dark in 100V environment. ※ windshield peeling can not be fixed) Accessories: wood cabinet Main Specifications: FM Transistor Type Tuner W406 × H138 × D330mm Weight 12.3kg


Ask 21-31161-07064-00
Price: JPY 90,727
U.S.A 1962 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-05-20 20:19:17
Disposal price cut Member price is not applicable. 2021/5/23 Selling price 150,000 yen ※ 117V specification, converted to bandwidth 76.5 to 89.5MHZ. Mackintosh's tubular FM tuner with outstanding design. It is famous as a rare product with a short production period. The thickness in the middle area makes it ideal for long periods of listening without fatigue. (Yukishi Fujisawa) Maintenance information: 2021.5.20 Maintenance (· 2 electrolytic capacitors 10 μF degradation exchange · TUNING METER (right side volume) faulty → resistance 1/2W additional 4 units (replacement parts Because it is not available, changed to no adjustment. (There is no problem in practical terms.) · Rubber leg shortage added 2 pieces · SIGNAL METER (left side volume) readjusted · IF/RF/MPX readjusted. * Other operation check (Please use this model with AC117V.) * To adjust the SIGNAL METER, remove the antenna and adjust it so that it is 0 scale. * The EXT Stereo of MODE SELECTOR is designed so that the left ch does not come out. (Not bad.) Accessories: None Main Specifications: 117V Specification Dimensions W392 × H140 × D330mm Weight 8.2Kg


Ask 18-02014-04556-00
Price: JPY 77,091
U.S.A 1960 made
Arrival: 2018-02-22 20:10:57
Disposal price cut! 2/23/2018 Price 178,000 Tubular Spherical Mono FM Tuner*117V specification (reception becomes unstable at 100V), Japan band has been changed, reception sensitivity is good. This tuner is thick, soft and glossy, with the characteristics of McKin's sound. The appearance has corrosion and rust as a whole. Serial 292099 (Jun Kamibayashi) Maintenance Information: 2018.2.22 Maintenance (VT12AT7 exchange, MPX transistor exchange, RF/IF/MPX readjustment ※ Other operation check) 2016.1.25 Maintenance (VT out of 6 additional items. 2 VT replacements 4 additional ceramic C for BAND EX. Ceramic C replacement. Chemical C replacement. Front lamp repair, block.C50uF x 4 replacement. (Step up transformer 100V ⇒ 117V added) Accessories: 117V step-up transformer Main Specifications: FM dedicated tuner W400 × H130 × D300mm 8.6kg


Ask 20-26776-13601-00
Price: JPY 90,727
U.S.A 1962 made
Arrival: 2020-04-01 19:45:01


Ask 16-07135-10016-00
Original price: JPY 24,800
Price: JPY 7,273
Japan 1975 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2016-09-30 20:24:24
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