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Ask 21-31210-07428-00
Original price: JPY 500,000
Price: JPY 325,455
Japan 2008 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-04-11 20:11:56
Significant price reduction. 2021.4.11 Selling price 378,000 yen The company's flagship control C-3800 eliminated the rear slot and announced as a single machine domestically produced whole phono collaborator. It is finished with ease of handling that can be done from impedance adjustment to GAIN adjustment, MM/MC switching on the front panel, and creating a bone and supple sound. Appearance is top plate, front panel top drag scratches (Oikawa Tetsuji) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.11 Operation confirmed 2020.2.18 Manufacturer Maintenance (Exchangeable parts for damage to load in piece switch, pressure resistance check OK) Accessories: instruction manual, power cable, connection cable Main Specifications: MM/MC compatible phono collizer Independent amplifier configuration dedicated to MM/MC Input impedance mm1kΩ, 47kΩ, 100kΩ/MC3Ω, 10Ω, 30Ω, 100Ω, 300 Ω, 1KΩ W465 × H121 × D405mm 14.5kg


Ask 21-31217-07475-00
Original price: JPY 550,000
Price: JPY 381,818
Japan 2017 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-04-11 20:12:04
An all-in-one phonoequalizer that supports traditional MC/MM cartridges as well as DS Audio photoelectric cartridges with all-format cartridges that can be reproduced. The sound quality where you can feel the power with a sense of extrusion like SOULNOTE is attractive. ※Photoelectric cartridges are not compatible with Toshiba and Trio cartridges that have been in the past (Sasaki Shota) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.11 Operation confirmed Accessories: Description, power cable, original box Main specifications: Input sensitivity: MC0.4mV · mm4mV · Opt50MV Gain: MC72dB · m52dB · Opt30dB Rated output voltage: BALANCE 2.8V · UNBALANCE 1.4V MC load resistor: 3Ω/6Ω/12Ω/24Ω/40Ω/100Ω MM Load Capacity: 100P/200P/350P W430 × H160 × D410mm Weight 21kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-31164-07088-00
Manufacture:MoFi Electronics
Original price: JPY 35,000
Price: JPY 20,909 Sold Out
U.S.A 2017 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-04-07 10:20:59
A phono collizer by Tim de Parabichini. It is equipped with mono mode, subsonic filter function and switch the dip switch on the back to support MC position. Serial 0530840 (Kimiya Miura) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.6 Operation confirmed Accessories: Instruction manual, AC adapter, original box Main Specifications: MM/MC Load Switching Subsonic Filter Mono Mode W99 × H32 × D184mm Weight 0.4kg


Ask 21-30786-04527-00
Original price: JPY 25,000
Price: JPY 9,091
Japan 2006 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-03-19 20:02:37
※ Present sale item. Audio Technica MM/MC compatible phono equalizer Affordable yet well-built, MM/MC compatible. Recommended for systems that do not have modern phono input. There are many small wounds (Sasaki Shota) Maintenance Information: 2021.3.19 Operation confirmed Accessories: Power adapter Main Specifications: Input impedance mm47kΩ/MC100Ω W44 × H105 × D135mm Approx. 460g
4 results
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