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Japan 1970 made
Arrival: 2022-08-17 20:04:32
Maintenance has been completed! Open deck dedicated to reel 7. It is a product that keeps the minimum size with an ingenious design. The tape position is also a mechanism called λ loading that runs in the shape of λ. You can experience a thick sound that you can never taste digitally. The exterior has blue rust on thread scratches and some SW. The front cover is out of stock. Serial 61210-12179 (Eiji Tamura) Maintenance Information: 2022.8.17 Maintained (Replaced due to motor power system+19V line power fuse blown. Replacement due to capstan belt deterioration, fly wheel detachment cleaning, oil application to fly wheel shaft part, tape running speed adjustment. Pinch roller inspection & cleaning & pinch roller shaft cleaning-lubricating treatment. Tape-loading detection switch contact cleaning and spring hook damaged part repair repair Partial replacement of electrolytic capacitors (bias oscillation circuit part electrolytic capacitor, +19V line electrolytic capacitor). FWD/REV switching multiple slide switch detachment contact cleaning treatment. Volume contact cleaning. Playback recording level check and adjustment. Back tension mechanical adjustment during tape playback (back tension during playback), fast forward, and rewind operation (FF/REW) inspections are good. Timer start operation is normal. Tape auto reverse operation is normal. The auto reverse operation during recording was also done normally. Reference value: Self-recording playback W&F (WTD): 0.035% (19cm/s) However, it depends on the tape used. (The recording and playback test with the music source is good.) Accessories: copy of instruction manual, original box Main specifications: Reverse recording reopen deck 4 tracks 2 channels size W440 × H244 × D227 mm Weight 17.0 kg
1 results
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