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This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 24-42507-07588-00
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U.S.A 1962 made
Arrival: 2024-05-19 19:59:03
Maintained! An original C22, a famous machine admired by enthusiasts. The thick, soft, and strongly extruded tone is a pleasant tone that can only be experienced with an old McKinn. It has a rich tone centered around the middle range with a high concentration, and it sounds with plenty of realism. The exterior has a feeling of use such as dullness and small scratches. Serial 44A12 (Hiroki Aso) Maintenance information: 2024.5.19 maintained (main volume A curve replaced with the original vacuum tube 12AX7 noise replacement oil capacitor 0.01 μF domestically manufactured in the USA) replacement block capacitor 40/20/20/1000 μF other defective and deterioration replacement electrolytic capacitor 1000 μF additional electrolytic capacitor 40 μF other deterioration replacement switching noise reduction measures 1/4 W additional resistance 1/2 W deterioration replacement short (Additional pin vacuum tube socket, RCA jack caulk repair, and other operation checked with AC 100 to 117 V) Accessories: A copy of the English instruction manual Main specifications: 117 V specification, 4 input systems, 2 phono systems, frequency characteristics, 20 Hz to 20 kHz (± 0.5 dB), signal-to-noise ratio, 85 dB (high level), 62.5 dB (low level), distortion ratio 0.2%, W406 x H138 x D330 mm, 7.3 kg


Ask 24-42525-07757-00
Price: JPY 361,818
U.S.A 1979 made
Arrival: 2024-05-10 19:55:16
It has been refreshed and maintained to brush up by replacing block capacitors, etc.! Kit version of the masterpiece model 7. The parts that can be obtained at the beginning of sale remain the original, and those that are missing use similar parts, and it is a 25th anniversary model that appeared with almost the same structure as the original. As a vacuum tube preamp, you can hear a slightly different tone from other models. There are line scratches on the wood case on the exterior. Serial F030105 (Murakoshi Yoichi) Maintenance information: 2024.5.9 maintenance (main volume disassembly cleaning repair, selector disassembly contact strengthening repair, block capacitor, fuse holder cap replacement, short pin addition, vacuum tube socket and RCA jack re-caulking repair. Operation has been checked with AC100V) In order to bring the volume curve closer to the original, the OUT LEVEL on the back is narrowed down. 2018.7.15 Maintained (vacuum tubes 12AX7 x 2 replaced, oil capacitors 0.47 μF replaced with BlackBeauty, replaced with 0.33 μF x 2 film capacitors. RCA jack earth reinforcement and caulk repair. Vacuum tube socket caulk repair. Other operations have been checked) Accessories: none Main specifications: kit model 12AX7 × 6 W453 × H185 × D260 mm 7.9 kg


Ask 24-42316-06096-00
Price: JPY 361,818
U.S.A 1959 made
Arrival: 2024-04-02 19:54:58
The disposal price has been reduced. Member discounts are not applicable. 2024/4/2 sales price 448,000 yen This is a late C20 model that underwent full maintenance from the 2023/12 condenser to main VOL replacement. Among Mackin's control amplifiers, this is a popular gem with a particularly rich, glossy tone. Not only jazz, but also the vocal sounds are excellent. The unique, rich, and highly artistic tone shows a particularly good compatibility with vintage speakers. Exterior, front panel characters disappear a lot, dullness, small scratches, abrasions, etc., and there is a feeling of use (Kobayashi Hitoshi) Maintenance information: 2024.4.2 maintenance completed (1/2 W resistor replacement and 3 noise countermeasures replaced) 2023.12.19 maintenance (vacuum tube 6X4, block capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, film capacitor, oil capacitor, resistor, main volume replacement. Gang error correction resistance 1/2 W added, switching noise reduction resistance 1/4 W added. RCA jack and vacuum tube socket caulk repair, operation check.) Accessories: none Main specifications: tubular phono 2 system phono equalizer curve variable use vacuum tube ECC83 x 5 ECC82 x 2 EZ90 x 1 W440 x H165 x D316 mm 8.7 kg
3 results
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