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Tube Head Pre Amplifier

Ask 22-36299-43269-00
Tube Head Pre Amplifier
Price: JPY 4,545
Arrival: 2022-08-19 20:09:12
* There is a strong gully in the volume, but the current situation is. A Firestone Audio control amplifier equipped with a vacuum tube even if it is small, and has a separate power supply structure. The input is switched by 2 systems with the front toggle switch (Itsuro Mizushima) Maintenance information: 2022.8.5 Sound output confirmed Accessories: power cord, connection cord Main specifications: Vacuum tube using input RCA2 system Sylvanian 2C51/5670 W82 × H110 × D145 mm 1 kg

MARK6 customJapan

Ask 22-36243-42775-00
MARK6 custom
Price: JPY 81,636
Japan 1975 made
Arrival: 2022-08-04 19:59:53
The price has been reduced! 2022/8/4 selling price 99,800 yen maintained! The last tube preamp in the Chris Kit. Like the Mk5, it is based on the circuit of the Macintosh C-22, and the rich and natural touch of sound is a tasteful sound. The middle range is glossy, and it expresses wind instruments and vocals in a really vivid way. The exterior has a feeling of use over time, such as dullness and small scratches. (Hiroshi Aso) Maintenance information: 2022.8.4 Maintained (coupling capacitor deterioration replacement capacitor deterioration replacement for bias This unit is “HIGH CUT” and “LOE” on the panel switch There is a “BOOST” knob, but since it is not equipped with a circuit, it is not wired to the switch. The input terminal is also inserted with a short pin, and there is no partial wiring, so there is no sound input/output pin jack polished left (If you remove the side wood, you can adjust the input level of TUNER/TAPE/AUX. Currently, they are all the same) Accessories: power cable Main specifications: Vacuum tubes used 12AX7 × 4, 12AU7 × 2 Input: PHONO (MM) 2 systems Input: LINE (AUX, TUNER, TAPE) 3 systems Output: Pre Out 1 system/ TAPE Monitor 1 system Size: Approx. W460 × H160 × D270 mm Weight: Approx. 7.6 Kg
2 results
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