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Ask 22-35511-37550-00
Original price: JPY 1,200,000
Price: JPY 116,364
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-08-10 20:03:51
Genuine Time Lord ver1.00 master clock generator A rare clock that is natural-oriented and has excellent sound image localization but is also skillful in reverberation expression. It is a model that specializes in expressiveness rather than performance. Insulator marks and thread scratches are scattered on the top plate (Fujisawa Yukishi) Maintenance information: 2022.8.10 operation confirmed (output OK up to 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz) Accessories: power cord Main Specifications: Software Version 1.00 Clock Frequency 32/44.1/48/88.2/96kHz Clock Out 6 Systems High Precision Crystal Oscillator Factory Accuracy 0.1ppm W430 × H52 ×D390mm 6.8kg


Ask 22-36129-41935-00
Price: JPY 90,727
Arrival: 2022-08-10 20:00:05
Maintenance has been completed! As a domestic machine in the 70s, it is made of a rare voice audio fuquoca that dominated the first generation. The thick bass and delicate highs fully bring out the goodness of SOVTEK's EL34. The exterior has paint peeling and scratches. Serial 10211 (Miura Kimiya) Maintenance information: 2022.8.10 Maintenance completed (screw hole correction screw replacement, replacement due to loose RCA jack, corrected due to partial peeling of wire rod, * bias and output audio check. (I checked about 50W.) Accessories: No accessories Main specifications: 50W+50W (8Ω) W410 × H172 × D200 Weight about 20 kg


Ask 22-36222-42665-00
Original price: JPY 1,090,600
Price: JPY 98,182(pair)
Arrival: 2022-08-04 20:05:49
The disposal price has been reduced. Member discounts are not applicable. 2022/8/4 selling price 148,000 yen maintained! A rare item Mono 28-band split active equalizer Divide the equalizer center frequencies from 31.5 Hz to 16000 Hz into 28 bands with 1/3 octave width. Since it is for business use, if you raise the master level control and equalization knob with high gain, it will make a distorted sound (it seems to be a specification). The guide pin of the single input transformer is broken. (It is marked, there is no problem with use) There is a feeling of use (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: n2022.8.2 maintenance (internal all check, bypass SW × 2 lead disconnection, replacement of other power supply filter C, etc., etc., IN/OUT cable creation ~ IN/OUT both (150Ω line.) Accessories: none Main specifications: Filter LOW OFF/20Hz/40Hz/80Hz/160Hz-18dBoct HIGH OFF/5kHz/8kHz/12.5kHz/20KHz-18dB/OCT W483 × H133 × D203 mm 7.7 kg 


Ask 22-36380-44131-00
Original price: JPY 3,500
Price: JPY 2,727
Arrival: 2022-08-06 19:59:57
A damping plate made by sandwiching damping resin between metal and metal and crimping it. I use it by laying it under an audio device. It has strong damping properties to stop the resonance of the audio and improve the sound quality. There is a feeling of use such as abrasions and adhesive marks (Itsuro Mizushima) Accessories: none Main specifications: W445 × D345 × H0.6 mm


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 22-35794-39422-00
Price: JPY 219,091(pair)Sold Out
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-07-29 19:58:59
The disposal price has been raised. Member discounts are not applicable. 2022/7/29 Selling price 298,000 yen A historic famous unit that has now become completely established as a vintage. HAVANT HANTS reprint (Audionix regular import product) The unique free-edge structure with no edge is that three pieces of cone paper are suspended by a bakelite cantilever, and its responsiveness is remarkable (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2022.7.28 Maintained (cone, damper, edge blade, block disassembly, blade and cone deformation correction, bobbin new circle out, magnetic circuit slit cleaning, anti-rust. (Assemble each part, adjust, make sound.) Accessories: original box, instruction manual (copy), cloth cover Main specifications: 25cm aperture input 12W Impedance 15Ω (measured value 14.6Ω) Minimum resonance frequency 20Hz Playback frequency band 20-20,000 Hz Void magnetic flux density 17,000 gauss voice Coil caliber 2.5cm 4.2kg


Ask 22-35816-39658-00
Manufacture:Mark Audio
Price: JPY 5,455(pair)
Arrival: 2022-06-19 20:11:30
8cm full range made by Mark Audio in the special appendix “Special Speaker Unit 2019 Edition Mark Audio Edition” released by Music Noyusha Stereo Magazine's Mook Book Series This is a speaker unit. There is Kusumi (Kanai Hidetsugu) Maintenance Info: 2022.6.12 sweep checked Accessories: original box Main specifications: Impedance 4Ω 8W


Ask 21-31753-11120-00
Original price: JPY 36,000
Price: JPY 22,545(pair)
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-07-02 19:46:40
The price has been reduced. 2021/7/2 selling price 29,800 yen This is a classic 17cm cone type woofer from DynAudio. It also goes well with the company's tweeter D-28/2, etc. Great for bookshelves. It is also characterized by high resolution. The urethane on the magnet side has deteriorated, but the sound quality is not affected. There are solder marks (Sasaki Shota) Maintenance Information: 2021.7.2 Sweep test good Accessories: none Main specifications: 17cm cone type impedance 4Ω diameter 176mm depth 66.5mm


Ask 22-35574-37977-00
Original price: JPY 65,000
Price: JPY 22,727
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-05-20 20:00:49
Heavyweight horizontal audio rack It's sturdy, so you can put a super-grade analog player on the top plate. The inside is slightly larger, and it is possible to store full-size equipment that is slightly larger. There are scratches and repair marks on the exterior. The screw cap on the top plate is out of stock (Shota Sasaki) Accessories: none Main specifications: Maximum storage value of audio equipment W530 × H220 × D520 mm Dimensions W1200 × H440 × D560 mm Weight 70 kg


Ask 21-31388-08606-00
Price: JPY 545
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-07-25 18:39:19
Audio-Technica aerosol type record cleaner Protects records from dust with anti-static effect Spray evenly by about 20 cm away from the record and wipe it off with a dry record cleaner on the market. It seems to be the amount of content to cut half a little with the feeling of shaking (Yoichi Murakoshi) Accessories: none
STEREO SOUND NO.065 1983 WINTER/ステレオサウンド 65号
Price: JPY 1,636
Arrival: 2021-06-14 16:19:38

Alpair 10.3M

Ask 21-31183-07189-00
Alpair 10.3M
Manufacture:Mark audio
Price: JPY 18,000(pair)
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-04-22 20:04:11
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