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Minima VintageItaly

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Minima Vintage
Manufacture:Sonus Faber
Original price: JPY 450,000
Price: JPY 209,091(pair)
Italy 2008 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2022-08-05 20:21:59
The disposal price has been reduced! Not applicable to member discounts. A reprint model of the famous MINIMA with a selling price of 298,000 yen on 2022/8/5. The unique spread and colorful sound goes beyond the boundaries of compact speakers. If you set it a little away from the wall, a deep sound field space will be drawn. The beautiful grain and good texture are also attractive. There is a small scratch on the lower part of one side and a thread on the top (Shota Sasaki) Maintenance information: 2022.8.5 Maintenance completed (remove the tweeter from the main unit, separate the magnetic circuit and vibration system, correct the deformation of the diaphragm. Apply a surface coating agent that is about to peel off. Center adjustment by combining the magnetic circuit and the diaphragm. (Put a built-in sine wave in the main body to confirm that there is no chattering or distortion.) Accessories: none Main specifications: 2-way speaker bass reflex type frequency characteristic 55Hz to 25kHz impedance 8Ω output sound pressure level 84dB W200 × H330 × D275mm weight 6.9 kg


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Manufacture:SONUS FABER
Original price: JPY 90,000
Price: JPY 51,818(pair)
Arrival: 2022-07-01 20:17:40
The price has been reduced. 2022/7/1 selling price 70,000 yen Sonus Faber MINIMA exclusive stand. It is made of Italian walnut wood and uses marble, a specialty of the Tuscany region, as a base, for an excellent sense of stability. There is paint loss on the top surface (Yoichi Murakoshi) Accessories: none Main specifications: Height: about 600mm Top plate: W170 × D200mm Bottom plate: W320 × D320mm 15kg/book 
2 results
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