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Ask 21-31447-09031-00
Price: JPY 22,727
Japan 2014 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-05-09 20:03:16
※ Present sale item. Stereo Primain Amplifier with Tiac's high-resolution DAC In addition to DSD5.6MHz and PCM32bit/192kHz USB input, Bluetooth playback compatible with the aptx codec is possible. It is also a popular one for PC audio. Appearance is not noticeable scratches (Sasaki Shota) Maintenance Information: 2021.5.9 Operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control, explanation, power cable, original box Main specifications: DAC premain digital input coax x 1 optical x 1 USB-B terminal × 1 Supported sampling frequency (PCM) 32/44.1/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz (optical Digital is 96kHz) Number of Bits Supported 16/24 Bit Supported Sampling Frequency (DSD) 2.8/5.6MHz (USB Only) 40W+40W (4Ω) 20W+20W (8Ω) W215× H61 × D254mm (including protrusion) 2.1 kg


This item has been sold.You can't purchase now. 21-31406-08753-00
Original price: JPY 2,200,000
Price: JPY 616,364 Sold Out
Japan 2004 made
Arrival: 2021-04-29 17:22:48
Disposal price cut! (Member discount will not apply) 2021/4/29 Maintenance at sales price 848,000 yen TEAC. Esoteric's ultimate SACD/CD transport with VRDS-NEO mechanism With an outstanding sound reminiscent of P-0, the resolution and depth of cut reach an unparalleled level. The appearance is generally beautiful without conspicuous etc. *External products are included with the power cable. Serial 40008 (Asaine Tomoho) Maintenance Information: 2021.4.29 Operation confirmed 2020.7.14 Manufacturer Maintenance (Belt, Turntable, Thread Gear, Spring Replacement Tray Mechanic Partial Dissolution Cleaning, Grease Up Regeneration Operation, Operation Inspection of Each Output Part) Accessories: Remote control instruction manual Power cable (external product) DC cable custom case Main specifications: 3 transformer independent power supply upconversion function, word sink function is also equipped. Power consumption 29W W445 × H158 × D420mm Body 28 kg Power Supply Part 16kg


Ask 21-31313-08160-00
Original price: JPY 1,450,000
Price: JPY 1,163,636(pair)
UK 1976 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2021-05-05 20:02:19
Significantly reduced price! 2021/5/5 selling price 1,480,000 yen overhauled! Genuine TEAC Imported TEAC genuine Autograph equipped with TANNOY K3808 unit. The new building enclosure, which is licensed from the UK, is particularly valued for its sound, and is characterized by a rich sound field reproduction that sounds like Autograph. The core K3808 coaxial 2-way unit is designed based on the masterpiece monitor gold and adopts a good response gather hard edge. Coupled with the clear and crisp middle-high range, it produces a firm and majestic middle-low region. The appearance is also finished beautifully by maintenance (Tetsuji Oikawa) Maintenance information: 2021.5.5 Maintenance (exterior cleaning, repair, top plate polishing, painting, Saran net cleaning, retension unit maintenance (both low and high range magnetic circuit rust removal, gap Internal cleaning center adjustment) Network maintenance (rust removal of terminals, bridge plates, washers, pickling, cleaning. Internal connection terminal (Faston) new replacement. ATT (SW) contact cleaning. Frequency-characteristic measurement check (~42kHz) is performed and the original capacitor is continuously used for good results. Input/output waveform and balance check, sound output check) Unit desorption Accessories: None Main specifications: 2-way, 1 speaker, all-horn, corner type use unit 15inch coaxial 2-way (K3808) Frequency characteristics 50Hz to 20,000 Hz Nominal impedance 8Ω Output Sound Pressure Level 96dB Crossover Frequency 1,070 × H1,525 × D670mm Weight Approx. 85 kg
STEREO SOUND NO.077 1986 WINTER/ステレオサウンド 77号
Price: JPY 1,182
Arrival: 2020-07-19 14:36:08
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