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Ask 22-34049-26998-00
Price: JPY 14,364
Japan 2012 made
Arrival: 2022-01-10 20:04:56
The price has been reduced. 2022/1/10 selling price 17,800 yen* There is no problem with the operation, but it is cheap, so it will be passed on as it is. CD recorder with turntable/cassette player This is a convenient machine that allows you to dub audio sources from analog records and cassette tapes to CD-R/RW like a boombox. The appearance has dullness and small scratches. Serial 54004761 (Satoshi Yonejima) Maintenance information: 2022.1.10 operation confirmed Accessories: AM antenna Main specifications: 3.5W+3.5W CD recorder part Playable disc: CD-DA/CD-R/CD-RW Recordable disc: CD-R/CD-RW for music/CD-RW for music Recording sampling frequency: 44.1kHz cassette player part: 4-track 2-channel stereo head configuration Tuner part: FM76.0MHz to 90.0MHz AM522kHz to 1629kHz Record player part: DC servo motor drive system belt drive turntable speed 331/3, 45, 78rpm impedance 4Ω W470×H230×D390mm weight 11kg
Original price: JPY 1,040,000
Price: JPY 907,273(pair)
Arrival: 2021-12-22 20:02:48
The disposal price was lowered. It is not applicable for member discounts. 2021/12/22 Sales price 1,980,000 yen Internal and external maintenance has been brushed up! It is an AUTOGRAPH equipped with HPD385 in a genuine TEAC box (Shinkosha). You will be overwhelmed by the majestic sense of scale and the profound and vivid sound image expressed by the low-range backroad horn and the mid-low range front short horn, soft and supple, which cannot be obtained in recent years of TANNOY The good sense of tone is excellent (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2021.12.22 Maintenance (exterior repair, polishing, clear finish Rear baffle repair and painting Saran net cleaning/reattaching, and repairing fraying. Unit maintenance (low frequency side: edge replacement, magnetic circuit rust removal, gap cleaning center adjustment, fastener rust removal polishing, high frequency side: magnetic circuit rust removal, gap cleaning center adjustment). Network maintenance (output terminal polishing, cleaning. Replace new input terminals (compatible with banana plugs). ATT (SW type) contact cleaning. Airtight tape applied. Capacitor replacement (made by VISHAY). Frequency characteristics measurement check (~42 kHz). (Input/output waveform and balance check, sound output check.) Accessories: none Main specifications: 2-way, 1 speaker, all-horn, corner type use unit 15 inches (38 cm) HPD385 Impedance 8Ω W1070 × H1530 × D660mm 78kg/ books


Ask 21-33608-23948-00
Original price: JPY 110,000
Price: JPY 27,091
Japan 2012 made
Arrival: 2021-11-29 20:25:05
The price has been reduced. 2021/11/29 selling price 34,800 yen TEAC headphone amplifier. Equipped with a damping factor selector that allows you to select the optimal damping factor according to the headphones used. A toroidal core transformer is used for the power supply part, and a discrete structure is adopted for the amplifier part, and high-end headphones can be driven to enjoy music with high sound quality (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2021.11.28 sound output confirmed Accessories: Instruction manual, power cable Main specifications: Input XLR (2 HOT) 1 system RCA2 system AUX (3.5mm stereo mini jack) 1 system W290 × H81 × D244mm 4.1kg


Ask 21-33948-26268-00
Price: JPY 9,091
Arrival: 2021-12-27 19:56:49
* There is no problem with the operation, but it is currently sold because it is cheap. TEAC's compact phono equalizer. It's also nice to have 2 inputs and 2 outputs (Yoichi Murakoshi) Maintenance information: 2021.12.26 sound output confirmed Accessories: none Main specifications: 2 input systems, 2 output systems W220×H50×D140mm
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