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Model 7U.S.A

Ask 21-31053-06281-00
Model 7
Original price: JPY 159,000
Price: JPY 634,545
U.S.A 1958 made
Arrival: 2021-05-08 20:04:20
Maintened! Original MODEL 7 with wood cavi The glossy middle-high range with high transparency is firmly expressed, and you can enjoy the exquisite balance between the goodness and thickness of the cut unique to 7. Appearance, there are scratches and dullness on the cabinet. Serial 7-17206 (Kimiya Miura) Maintenance information: 2021.5.8 Maintenance (Repair of each switch failure contact, Core disassembly repair for filter, 20μF addition of electrolytic capacitor, Ecc83 degradation replacement of vacuum tube ECC83, Vacuum tube socket and RCA Jack caulking repair. *Other operation check) Accessories: No accessories Main Specifications: Tube Ball Control Amplifier Vacuum Tube ECC83/12AX7 Use 3 Stage NF Equalizer NF Type Step Switching Control W453 x H185 x D267mm Weight 7.5kg


Ask 21-31321-09172-00
Original price: JPY 660,000
Price: JPY 380,000
U.S.A 2014 made
Arrival: 2021-05-03 19:25:13
Disposition price cut (Member discount not applicable) 2021/5/3 Selling price 498,000 yen Current type C22 replica model. It also corresponds to balance input and output and phono MC and has a good usability and unique gloss and temperature feeling like Mckin'. With the wide range and stability corresponding to the current source, you are involuntarily drawn into the music. The appearance is generally beautiful without noticeable scratches. Serial AES1233 (Yuki Yamato) Maintenance Information: 2021.5.3 Operation confirmed Accessories: Remote control instruction manual Power cable Main specifications: Tube spherical control amplifier vacuum tube/12AX7 × 2 (LINE) /12AX7 × 2 (Phono) /12AX7 × 2 (Phono/MC) Frequency characteristic 20Hz to 20kHz input Terminal: Phono RCA2 Line RCA5 Line XLR2 Line Preout: RCA3 XLR3 W445 × H152 × D457mm 12.3kg

Reference 1.1

Ask 21-28458-08962-00
Reference 1.1
Price: JPY 86,182
2003 made
Arrival: 2021-05-01 19:20:24
I cut the price! 2021/5/1 Selling price 99,800 yen Maintenance! Opera audio line dedicated tube sphere control amplifier with a sleek wooden top plate. Simple configuration on large power supply Deliver your music source with a natural sound without coloring. * The switch that drops the gain of -10 dB has a strong effect, and the volume drops at a level close to muting. This is the status quo. There are some small scratches with aging due to use. (Yuki Yamato) Maintenance information: 2021.3.1 Maintenanced* Confirmation The output DC fluctuates in accordance with the power supply fluctuations in both chs. The nature of this model. (I think that it is not compatible with semiconductor amplifiers with high input impedance and high gain.) Output DC is suppressed by replacing some parts, etc. Perform the following actions: * Electrolytic capacitor and resistance additional exchange VR and SW reseat knob alignment. Replacement of hole fix screw for exterior screw hole breakage * Output DC variation is less than 1/20 in the above treatment. Checked each input/output) Accessories: Power cable Main specifications: input RCA3 output 1 system use vacuum tube ECC82 × 2 W440 × H110 × D385mm 11.4kg


Ask 19-22632-34834-00
Original price: JPY 75,000
Price: JPY 216,364
Japan 1970 made
Shop: Osu shop
Arrival: 2020-12-27 20:08:56
4 results
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