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Original price: JPY 168,000
Price: JPY 216,364
Japan 1974 made
Arrival: 2021-05-08 20:02:05
Overhauled! The most complete model of the traditional 38 series, a famous machine representing the tubular primein. With a thick tone that cannot be heard in current audio, surprisingly powerful extrusions are attractive. The thick middle range and the natural and glossy high range create excellent compatibility with TANNOY speakers. Feeling of use, balance VOL somewhat eccentric. Cereal 1612088 (Takasaki Takasaki) Maintenance Information: 2021.3.24 Maintenance (Replaced due to main VR gang error. Vacuum tube socket, coupling capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, block capacitor, diode, semi-fixed resistor, micro SW, SP terminal replacement. SW · VOL completely decomposed contact point repolish, oxidation/sulfide prevention grease application. Offset bias adjustment, input and output waveform confirmation, strain adjustment, load test (1kHz sine wave, 8 Ω load: 28W +28W) sound output test. (Cabinet exterior repair, polishing, painting) Accessories: Copy of instruction manual, power cord (general purpose) Main Specifications: 30W+30W (4, 8, 16Ω) Line Input 4 System Phono 2 Series (MM) Pre-Power Separable W476 × H190 × D335mm 18kg
1 results
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